Saturday, February 20, 2010

OCD Tendencies - Another AMAZING tip...or not

If you have read any of my past posts about my secret love affair with Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser (it's the bald head), you will know that those suckers work, man! They are always there for me (sigh). They have never let me down.
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(Hello, secret luva)

My Magic Erasers have been there, when no other cleaner, cleaning rag, combined with my sheer muscle power, weren't.

They have easily wiped away powerful stains, such as black SHARPIE permanent marker, soap scum, scuff marks, greasy dirt, crayon, pencil.... I could go on and on!

Our relationship runs deep, within my soul.

But one day, while shopping at the crusty-slipper, pajama wearing shopper's, habitat (other wise known as WalMart), something caught my eye. I was reaching for my dear Magic Erasers, when I saw a less attractive "eraser". His box wasn't as nearly muscle-ly or as colorful, but the price was right.(Mr. Clean Original Magic Eraser 4 pack cost $2.99 and Mr. WalMart Eraser 4 pack cost $2.60) And that's when I remembered that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and decided to perform a little experiment.

Do the Mr. WalMart brand erasers work just as well, worse or better than my good 'ol reliable Mr. Clean brand.

I compared the two erasers when I first took them out of the boxes. They basically look the same and feel the same. The Mr. Clean brand seemed to be a teeny, tiny, tiny bit thicker. Just a tiny bit. (fingers pinched together)

(I would have taken pictures of my experiment, but I didn't. I have no excuse)

Then I scrubbed one soap scummy shower wall with the Mr. Clean Eraser and another wall with the Mr. WalMart Eraser.(gotta love the hard, Utah water! Not!)


Both performed very well. I would even say they performed equally, well.

But...(dun! dun! dun!)

The Mr. Clean Eraser disintegrated faster. Mr. Walmart Eraser held up better and longer!

Say it ain't so, my luva!

Alas, my relationship with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is no longer. I have decided to lower my standards and continue a new, exciting love affair with the cheaper Mr. WalMart Eraser.

*Another amazing tip - these erasers can even clean your gold jewelery!


  1. I love those things and will be going to the cheaper ones now. But what about the film it leaves behind after cleaning with it? Do you have a fix for that? And gold jewelry? I'm gonna go try it right now!

  2. Jennie,
    I think the film is from the eraser disintagrating. I also think the WalMart brand didn't leave as much "film" behind. The only times I have noticed any film are on some of my painted wall/surfaces when I am scrubbing a little harder with them.

  3. No way! Oooh, I must try these. Heaven knows those magic erasers have saved me on more than one occasion!

    You know what else is good for cleaning jewelry? Toothpaste. Not gel, but paste. Use a tooth brush to clean under the crown and under your will sparkle like new! My Dad's a jeweler, I have all KIND'S of information...

  4. Thanks for the tips! I have actually never used a magic eraser but I just might go get me some now!

  5. I did the same thing a couple weeks ago. I stood in the cleaning isle of Wal-Mart debating whether or not the Wal-Mart brand would hold up the same. I was happy it did, and saving a few pennies along the way too is pretty awesome.

  6. I am SOOO disillusioned with Mr. Clean now! How could he?
    Ok...Next time, Mr. Walmart it is!

  7. I am SHOCKED at the outcome of your experiment!

    I am so going to try my Mr. Clean on my gold jewelry! Okay - I only have a gold ring. One. But I'm going to try it on that. ;)

    Jewels - I am going to try your tip too - with the toothpaste. Thanks ladies!

  8. I'll have to try the walmart brand. Thanks for posting!


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