Monday, March 2, 2009

OCD Calendar

So did you notice that I didn't post my OCD calendar last week? I really don't have much of an excuse as to why I didn't. I just needed a break from OCD tendencies. Believe it or not, I am capable of doing that. Well, some what. Okay! Just a little. But I did take a break. All right I give! I cleaned out a cupboard. I'll post some pics next week of the cupboard, because it involves some organization apparatuses, which makes my heart go pitter pat. And I'm too lazy to load all of those pictures along with today's pics.

This week I plan on washing the walls and baseboards in our mud room/laundry room. This room tends to collect the most dirt because it's the entry to our house that we use the majority of the time.

On Wednesday I'm going to clean out the utensil drawer and wipe down the front and insides. I'll also be washing the utensil divider, organizer thing-ies. Have you noticed that crumbs and ick gather in them. Blech! I've seen some utensil divider/organizer thing-ies that were down right nasty. Caked on food particles and crumbs. What's the point of putting in clean silverware if the containers are filthy?

I would like to say that I will be finished painting my bedroom this week, but I doubt I will. It's taking me FOREVER! And it's all HIS fault that it's taking so long.

I'm going to cook me up some Conner.

As promised, I have pics of my cleaning behind the stove excursion.

I have to be honest with you, I feared what had been lurking behind my stove. It had been a while since I cleaned behind there and I imagined shriveled up mouse carcasses, old food particles, splash and splatter stains, and legos. Lots and lots of legos.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! (horrific scream)

So I didn't find any mouse carcasses, or even too much food particles. Except for maybe that brown thingy in the upper left corner. I don't know what that is, and I wasn't about to pick it up and dissect it. Hey, that's where my lip gloss went and my sewing tape measure! I also found lots of dust. Lots and lots of dust. Blech!

The first thing that I did was wipe down the entire stove. Sides and back. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. Then I swept the floor and wiped the walls down with a dish rag and good 'ol soapy water. It cleaned it a little, but I noticed even when I scrubbed hard, there was still some grease and grime that was not coming off. Grrrrrr. That meant I had to get the big guns out. I added some ammonia, vinegar, and a little baking soda to the soapy water and scrubbed with my trusty 'ol magic eraser. (sigh) Inner peace.

You be the judge....

This is my dish rag that I used to scrub, with all of my might, the wall behind the stove and the bottom of my microwave. It just wasn't cuttin' it.

...and this is the result of my trusty 'ol magic eraser, that I used with my wall cleaning solution!

Can you believe it?!?!? I feel better, thank you.

After I had scrubbed every inch of the wall, stove, and underneath the microwave, I mopped the floor. I can sleep in peace now.

*here's a little tip... remember to replace the filter thing-ies that are usually placed underneath your microwave, if it's a microwave that is installed above your stove. If it's clogged, then it's just not doing it's job. My filter thing-ies can actually be soaked and scrubbed. And let me tell ya, there was a nice film of sticky grease that had built up on the filters. I hate that feeling of trying to scrub sticky grease build-up. Almost like scratching a chalk board with your finger nails. (shudder)
Good luck with all of your cleaning excursions. I also love to read about your cleaning/organizing accomplishments. Keep it up!!!!


  1. Cook me up some Conner too, looks yummy! He is getting so big, I can't believe it!!

    And the stove thing- impressive.

    Your so funny to clean your kitchen nekkid while pregnant, but I can see it now. I was pregnant with Jaimen through the summer and I did a lot nekkid- or almost nekkid... :) You seriously make me laugh!

  2. maybe i'll hire you to come organize my house. i struggle in that department.

  3. I am cleaning my utensil drawer tomorrow now. Thanks for the reminder. It is getting yucky.

  4. You are my hero. I so wish I had cleaning OCD! And how I adore Magic Erasers! They are the best, right?? I have to use one every time I clean my bath and shower, it really does the job. Oh, and painting the bedroom? My hats off to you - that's not an easy job, especially with a little one! I think Cody and I finally stayed up until about 3:30 one morning just to get it done. Can't wait to see pictures when it's all done!

  5. You are so lucky to be you! I don't even think I can think about tackeling behind my stove! You are the best! And I would defenitly like you to invite me over when you cook up some Conner for dinner I could just eat him up! He is so stinkin cute!

  6. You would be so proud of me because the other day I organized my filing cabinet. It only took three years to get it done.

    Hopefully I can get to behind the stove in the next three. No promises though.

  7. You are such an awesome cleaner! I always love the smell of your house and how clean it is.
    You are more than welcome to come over and clean my house anytime ;) LOL!!


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