Thursday, September 10, 2009

OCD Calendar - Microwave cleaning bliss

You would think that one with OCD tendencies would be Johnny on the Spot with blogging her OCD Calendar posts....but you see, I have brought forth the human tornado onto this earth. And Homeboy has rocked my world. Literally.

I have had to get off of my kitchen stool and intervene imminent disasters, a total of 3 times since the beginning of this paragraph.

I long for the day when me and my bum will be seated for more than one minute at a time. Sigh.

In my last OCD post, I proclaimed that I was going to clean and organize my closet. Didn't happen. It's the "being able to stay on task for more than one minute" thing. I predict it will take 58 hours, 34 minutes, and 13 seconds to clean my closet, beginning to end. It all depends on Homeboy and his ability to contain his naughty behavior. We shall see. We shall see.

Homeboy may try with all of his might to prevent me from attending to my OCD tendencies, but I refuse to let him beat me! I refuse! (shaking fist in air)

If there is one thing that can send me over the edge, it's a stinky filthy microwave. Nasty.

August of '91 I left my humble abode, in Wyoming where the deer and buffalo roam, for the exciting college life at RICKS college in Idaho. I was full of anticipation. Meeting and making friends. Roommates. And most parents! Yeah man! No parents! Party on dude! Party on!

For my very first home cooked meal, I decided to feast upon one of the classic delicacies of college life...a quesidilla.

I carefully grated the cheese, sprinkled it to and fro on top of the flour tortilla and placed another tortilla on top of the cheesy layer of goodness.

Then I gently placed it on my hand-me-down plate and opened the microwave, that came with the apartment.

*insert horrific scream and Psycho montage (reet! reet! reet! reet!)*

Oh. My. Holy. Heck.

My head began to spin. My heart pounded rapidly. My lungs were quivering. Witnesses (roommates) said I began to twitch and speak in tongues.

What?!?! Why?!?! How?!?!

Needless to say, I rarely used the microwave after this unfortunate microwave experience. Even after I thoroughly cleaned it and performed an exorcism on it. (flashback shudder)

So just in case one of you are experiencing the above microwave scenario, hear are a few tips.

  • mix a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and zap it in the microwave for around 4 or 5 minutes. The heat and moisture will loosen the old burrito explosions and other food particles. This makes it so easy to just wipe the inside with a soapy dish rag. The vinegar will take away any horrific stench that resides inside of your microwaves.

  • instead of a water/vinegar solution, I like to use a water/lemon juice solution. Smells so much better than old bean burritos. I read that one lady will sprinkle some cinnamon in the water.

  • for stubborn stains you can use a Magic Eraser. They are truly magic!

  • another tip: clean your microwave often or even better, immediately after you cook something that splatters.

Believe me, your eyes and nose will thank you.

The plan for this week is for me to hopefully clean the pot shelf in my entry way. I'm totally revamping it and have been buying nick knacks to decorate it with! I'm also beginning to decorate for fall and Halloween! Oh how I love thee...fall and Halloween!

I have big plans for the season! Give aways, a tutorial or two, fall/Halloween decorating! I can't wait!


  1. Oh my goodness!! That picture totally grossed me out! I think I need to clean my microwave now :)

  2. You. Are. Hilarious.

    And that is disgusting, I cringe when I see Alan pull something out of the microwave without a paper towel on top of it. Next time he's cleaning it.

  3. Is that for real? THat is disgusting! Thank goodness they had you living in that apartment with them! Thanks for all the tips!

  4. That microwave is disgusting! I wouldn't eat anything out of it either!

    That "Taz" stage is exhausting. Now is the time to see which tv show he likes best and park him there for a few minutes a day so you can get something done. Good luck!


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