Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Pat!

Everyday, for over a month now, I drive by this character. This character vehemently waves to every passing car and does a little gig, back and forth, that closely resembles a pee-pee dance.

(sorry about the poor picture quality. it was taken with my covert, cell phone, as I was driving by Miss Lady Liberty)

There are a few things that this pee-pee dancing character, that perplex me:

  1. Do these dorky, live, advertisements really work? I mean really!?!?! There has never been a time when I have seen the Little Cesar's add, a home sales add, or even Miss Lady Liberty add, convince me to buy their product or have my taxes done by these various people!
  2. Is dorky dancing a requirement when applying for this type of career? Should I make note of it on my resume? (example: Qualifications - I have two years of experience in live advertising. I am highly talented in the areas of waving, spinning signs of various sizes, and dancing. I am well trained in the dance of shuffling, break dancing (mainly performing the "worm"), and rave dancing. I have been known to catch the attention of many passerbys!
  3. And last, but not least, what sex is the above pictured live advertisement? I, at first, had the above character pegged as a male. But then I noticed a very long ponytail, nestled just below the crown.

Miss Lady Liberty may not be a "miss" after all. Lady Liberty just may be a guy, dressed in drag. Lady Liberty is a he-she. A she-man.

I have nick named Miss Lady Liberty "Pat", after the famous character on SNL. Oh how I loved the "Pat" skits!

I once knew a "Pat". Her name was Chris. And yes, she was a she. I babysat for her sister, back in the day. Chris was in the Navy. She had short hair, wore glasses, did NOT wear any makeup, and wore boy clothes. She even had a dark mustache above her lip. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Chris was indeed, a female!

This closer view of "Pat" just doesn't do he-she any justice. I have looked for the obvious signs of what makes a female, a female, and a male, a male. You know... noticeable bumps, Adams apple etc. But as you can tell, it's been a difficult task, due to he-she's flowy frock.

So now you know what kind of idiotic thoughts run through this brilliant mind of mine. Well, that is if you hadn't caught on to that fact from previous posts.

But I would love to hear anyone's input on the above "Pat". Especially from my neighbors who have had the pleasure of viewing pee-pee dancing, Pat, in person!

Look! It's a pair of "Pats"!
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  1. Ahhh, the she-male. And I totally agree with you on those peeps! I mean, really? Do sales just go through the roof if you put a dancing statue out front? Furthermore, what about those people dressed totally normal? Just standing there....listening to their iPod...texting...holding a sign. I mean, what's that all about?

    As for the mystery of Pat's gender, I cannot say. Maybe not knowing is more fun!

  2. I've almost hit peepee pat going into that parking lot many times. It's a he. I can see the stubble. And I hate this time of year. They are very annoying!

  3. Jennie,
    Now-a-days a little stubble on a chin doesn't matter if you are male or female. Heck, I've grown a hair two on my chin. Which is just wrong! So very wrong!

  4. My thoughts exactly. Except I'm pretty sure he's a man. But I loved that you did a post on him. I loved that you called it the pee pee dance, because it TOTALLY is! You are awesome. I love the way you think.

  5. I kid you not, I really did think yesterday driving past this guy, "I bet you anything that Jen will blog about this guy." I even thought the same thing about his dancing. He really looks like he has to go wee-wee. I'm totally freaking out that I called that one. I wondered how you'd take his picture with out him knowing. Your a sneaky one.

  6. I also concur, Pat is a male (though I use that term very loosly in this case). Just as Jennie said, I've had a close encounter of the Pat kind and there was no mistaking that she is a he. I love that you posted about it!

  7. HAHAHAAA! I have viewed the mentioned "Pat" from various angles and I believe that your descriptions of the dance that he/she does are indeed the pee pee dance. I have been wondering if they employ the people from the rescue mission - people that really really need a job and are willing to do whatever they must to earn some money. Although I have seen some listening to iPods also, so maybe not.

    Jacob is always excited to see pee pee Pat dancing around. He says "There's that statue lady again! Move the truck so I can see her!"

  8. That is absolutely hilarious!!!!! I am crackig up right now!!! I was just driving by today thinking are you kidding me right now??? What a dork! Those people are so buggin I would never get my taxes done there. You are hilarious!

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