Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's up with me?

So have you noticed I haven't posted an OCD Calendar post for a while? Have you noticed I haven't had a Flashback (click HERE to reminisce) recently? Or how about a silly anecdote of the wild and crazy shenanigans that Conner has been up to? What's up with me? What's my problem?!?!?!

The answer: I've been busy. And I was sick and my oldest fruit of my loin was sick. Which, as you know, can cause your world to spiral downward, outward, and every "ward" known to man. But I'm finally seeing the light at the end of tunnel!

Be patient with me, my friends. Stick with me! I don't know what I would do with out you! Please! (A little desperate, no?) Next week I plan on picking myself up, dusting myself off, and be back to being a blogging maniac. And for being so patient with me, I will have a GIVEAWAY/CONTEST next week! Wahoooo!

Stay tuned for bountiful bloggious-nes!


  1. YAY!! I've missed you. I am ready to keep clean my house. I have my list ready and I keep feeling the itch. I need your motivation to just scratch!! Hope you all are better soon!!

  2. Yay! I am so excited for your giveaway! And to read some more of your amazingly funny stories too! And I am glad you are feeling better too! Watching your husband last week tackle Sacrament meeting by himself was quite entertaining!

  3. Well I guess we can forgive you!!! It was great seeing you today!! We really need to visit Olive Garden next!

  4. Ooh, I'm sorry you've been sick! My little boys have been sick, too. Thought they were over it when my oldest woke up with Pink Eye this morning. Awesome. Will it ever end? We may be making a trip to the Dr. tomorrow to get some serious medical intervention.

    Feel better!!

  5. I completely understand and hope that you are ALL feeling better soon!!! I check out too whenever anyone is sick around here. Can't wait to hear from you again!

  6. I have not noticed the missing OCD calander maybe because I don't have OCD??

    I have however noticed the flashback fridays missing!! Whats up with that??? I need to read at least one before I have this baby and fall off the internet world.

  7. Glad you are feeling better. I think you spread your germs this way though, cause Sarah has been sick and I am wondering who is next.
    Good to see you back and bloggin' though :)

  8. Hope you are feeling much better soon!! Nothing worse than puking!!!Look forward to you resuming your posts that I so look forward to every week when I get a chance to be on the computer. Maybe soon I will get to post about our trip to the big city!!


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