Friday, March 13, 2009

Pom Poms!

There are a few things in this world of ours, that make my heart flutter.
A clean and organized home, my kids acting silly, my husband's bulging muscles, and these...

These are going to be part of the decor for an up and coming RS birthday dinner!

Pom poms!!!

I stole this idea from the queen herself, Martha.
These are so easy and can be made in many sizes!

Step 1. Get a pack of tissue paper. Usually a pack contains 10-14 pieces of tissue paper, which is perfect for this little project. Depending on the desired size, you can either cut a few inches off of the side of the paper or don't cut it if you want a large pom pom.

Step 2. Next, fold the pack of tissue paper like you would a fan. Approximately 1 1/2 inches wide. Easy peasy.

Step 3. Wrap a cloth covered piece of wire (these can be purchased at any craft store) around the center of your fan and twist tight.

Step 4. Once you have folded the pack of tissue paper, you will need to cut the ends. You can cut the ends in a point or a heart shape, or a rounded ended! It's up to you! Use your creativity!

Step 5. Fan out the folds then pull one sheet of the tissue paper up to the center. One sheet at a time. Once you have pulled up about half of the stack of papers, turn it over and repeat the same process. Rinse and repeat.

Step 6. Fluff away baby! Fluff, fluff, away!

Oh! Gorgeous!

Tie a piece of clear fish line to the wire and you can suspend these lovelies from the ceiling!

If you want to kick things up a notch, you can alternate colors. Ooooooo, oooooo, awwwww.


  1. Those are darling! I think I'll try one for just the fun of it!

  2. How COOL!! Thanks for the step by step instructions! I will have to try that :)

  3. So. Are you going to suspend these above the tables for the dinner?? C'mon. You can do it. They are really cool!

  4. I love those!!! They are awesome! Can't wait to see how they look at the RS birthday dinner!

  5. They look great! Love the step by step!

  6. these are so bright and fun looking. might be good for the upcoming 8th grade graduation for Kassy!!

  7. They are even cuter in person! I'm so going to use this idea for the next birthday party we have. It was fun seeing you guys this weekend. Thanks again!

  8. I have seen these before and have always wondered where people get them. Now I know they are just crafty crafty people. I will try this one day, Maybe for my little girl.

  9. I love this! LOVE it! Oooh, it's Summer party at dusk. You can bet your boots I'm making me some of these, even if they just hang in my bedroom!

    Just think of all the possibilities! Even at Christmas, they would look so festive. With red and white striped tissue paper? Stoppit.

  10. I want to make these for Faith's b-day party this year. They were so cute last night.

    But... knowing me and my ultra lack of creative skills, I'll be calling on you for help because we all know you made this look a whole lot easier than it was.

    Cuz... you're awesome like that.

  11. These are too cute - AND you took fabulous pics of them. I want to make one just for fun now!!!


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