Monday, June 30, 2008

And Then He Kissed Me! Part 7

It was moving day for me. I was living the life! I was in love and had just signed my lease for a cute 1 bedroom apartment with vaulted ceilings. Even better, it was located across the street from a mall and movie theaters! I was on top of the world and felt very Mary Tyler Moore like! Awwwww love! Awwwww being a young independent woman! I am woman, hear me roar!

"Plumber guy's" birthday was also the same day of moving day and after moving me in to my new digs, we were going to celebrate his birthday at his home with his family. Besides having the stress of moving into my very own apartment, I had the stress of what to give the man of my dreams for his birthday. Do I give him something sentimental? Something practical? Or do I just give him a card? This was a tough decision and I wanted to make a good impression on him. I wanted to give him something that he would remember forever!

It was a hot sticky day and I spent most of it hiking up and down 3 flights of stairs, moving in boxes of my stuff. Time was running out before my "plumber guy" was coming over to help me move my furniture and heavy items. Heavy items that only he could hoist with his strong toned body, and I still didn't have his gift.

"Well I will just have to hurry and buy him something before I go to his birthday party," I thought to myself.

"Plumber guy" arrived with his younger, but taller brother Larry and his trusty, but rusty 1970-ish Chevy truck. "Plumber guy" was in a rush and we sped off to my old apartment and with in minutes, my manly man and his brother threw my stuff into the bed of the truck and managed to carry my furniture up 3 flights of stairs in sticky hot weather, without one complaint. He was my hero! Once he was finished he gave me a quick kiss, he was off to shower and get ready for his big day!

After the birthday boy left, I took a quick shower, applied my make-up carefully, and styled my hair to his liking. He loved it long and down. "Now what should I wear?" I thought. It was his day and he did carry all of my furniture up 3 flights of stairs. "Plumber guy" happened to mention to me that he loved how I looked in my jean shorts. So I was more than happy to oblige. After an hour, or so, of primping, I jumped in my car and ran into the mall, hoping that a gift would jump out, prompting me to buy it for my love. It didn't happen. I decided to buy him two nice shirts, that I knew would look soooo good on him and that would show off his glorious pecks. The shirts were also a gift for me! And as a little joke, I bought him a silly card that said Happy 1st Birthday (I know, it was dorky) and a helium balloon. They weren't the most amazing gifts, but I was still getting to know "plumber guy" and at times, he could be a mystery. He was a humble, and a strong, silent, type of gentlemen. He would never be the kind of guy to show off, except when doing the Chinese splits.

After my impromptu birthday gift shopping, my freshly showered man of my dreams came to my apartment to pick me up. I loved how he looked and smelled after he had just showered. His soft wavy hair was still wet and he smelled like Irish Spring soap. He almost glowed after showering. Hmmmmmm. I loved that smell. I greeted him with a big, birthday hug and kissed him on his lips.

"Happy birthday!" I said.

"Well thank you! You look good, I love these shorts," he said, as he placed his hands on my hips and tugged at my pockets.

My heart skipped a beat. Little actions and words like these made me melt.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"I'm ready."

I hurried and grabbed his carefully wrapped gift and birthday balloon and we walked hand in hand to his truck. I loved it when he drove his truck. Driving in his truck meant that I could sit right next to him as he drove. We looked like a real couple.

"Plumber guy" had talked about his brothers and sisters in previous conversations and I had imagined what they had looked like. He had older siblings that were married with children, which was new to me, being the oldest of 6 kids and the youngest only being 9 years old. I already met his youngest sibling, Larry, and besides both having freckles, they really didn't look that much alike. "Plumber guy" had soft wavy, light brown hair with a hint of strawberry blond, and his brother was taller with dark brown straight hair.

As we were nearing his home, I started to get a little nervous. Would his family like me? What would they think of me? What has he told his family about me? So many questions and concerns.

We arrived to his home and the first thing I noticed was a questionable character standing on the front stairs. There was a man wearing a tank top, cut off shorts, and a pony tail of long dark hair, drinking a Pepsi and laughing and talking loudly. I was a little surprised, considering how clean cut "plumber guy" was. "Plumber guy" didn't say a word about the character on the questionable character on the steps.

"Is this guy "plumber guy's" other brother?" I thought to my self. "They don't look alike. This guy looks like he could be in a biker gang!"

"Plumber guy" parked his truck and we made our way to the front door. There were cars everywhere! Little kids were running in and out of the house and playing in the yard. People were coming and going. The place was a zoo. This was no ordinary "family birthday party"! I immediately went in to my "shy" mode and hoped the birthday boy would not leave my side. We made our way through a sea of people, with me clinging to his arm. The only people I recognized were his brother Larry, his parents (who were fully clothed this time), and his friend Dave. "Plumber guy" showed me a seat in the family room then left me. Everyone just kind of acknowledged me and would give a smile hello and then would carry on with their conversations with one another. I felt as if, people were checking me out to see if they approved of me. If I was "right" for their friend, brother, and son. I was feeling overwhelmed and alone. Then at that moment there was a loud comotion and in walked "plumber guy's" other brother, John, and he lifted "plumber guy" on to his shoulder, yelling something about his birthday.

"Now this guy must be his other brother," I thought. He was shorter, but they had the same hair color and similar features.

After things settled down, "plumber guy" then introduced me to everyone.

"Everyone, this is Jennifer," he said loudly.

"Hi," I responded shyly.

Then he told me who was who, one by one. The forbidding character on the steps was his sister Wendy's husband, and turns out he was nice and not in a biker gang. This party included not only all of his brothers and sisters, this party included nieces, nephews, brother-in-laws, sister-in-law, boyfriends, friends, and neighbors! There was no way I would remember all of these people!

Once he introduced me, everyone started to talk about the 4th of July trip to my home in Wyoming and asking us questions. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! He had told everyone about the trip! Even his neighbor knew! I was realizing more and more that he was more excited about the trip than he let on and that his friends and family were excited for him. For some reason this made me more nervous about the trip. It was only days away and it was too late now to cancel.

After dinner, "plumber guy" opened his gifts. I had thought I was going to be giving him his gift in a private moment, but that soon changed. After opening several gifts, he came to mine. The room became silent and all eyes were on us. I heard crickets chirping, it was so quiet. He read the card out loud and gave a little chuckle then opened his gift. His family seemed confused by the card.
"Oh great!" I thought. "They don't get me. They think I'm a dork."

"I love them!" he said, as held up the two shirts that I gave him.

Then he leaped up from his chair and he gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek. I felt my cheeks turn hot and red with embarrassment from the public display of affection that he showed.

As we were eating cake and ice cream, "plumber guy" grabbed me by the arm and said, "We have to get out of here! Hurry!"

"What's going on?" I thought. "Was there a fire?"

Then it hit me... literally. The stinch would make a skunk run for it's life. Larry, the youngest sibling displayed one of his many talents. "Plumbers guy's" mother scowled at Larry and everyone high tailed it out of there.

"His family is crazy," I thought. I could not believe that his brother would fart in front of neighbors, let a lone strangers. After all of these years, not much has changed.

After cake and ice cream and the stinky fog had cleared the room, we drove to a near by park to play sand volleyball. I had never played sand volley ball and it showed. We didn't play long and then my man of my dreams drove me home to my new apartment. I laid in his arms as we sat on my couch. This was perfect.

It was getting late and "plumber guy" needed to get home. I walked him out to landing outside of my door and we kissed each other good bye. I stood on the landing, watching him go down the stairs then he turned back and waved to me when he was about to walk out of my view. This became a nightly ritual with us. I hated that he had to leave me every night. I longed for the day when we could spend every waking moment with each other.

I had survived meeting everyone in his family and in a few days I was taking him home to meet my family.
"Now, I just have to call my parents and let them know that I was going to be bringing a "guest," I thought to myself.

After surviving meeting "plumber guy's" entire family, did Jennifer go through with the 4th of July trip home to Wyoming? And if they did go, what event could happen that would almost mean the end of "plumber guy's" and Jennifer's love story?


  1. We are definitely a crazy bunch but we do love each other more than anything in the world. My family is the bomb!!Apparently you've gotten used to us. The farting isn't too bad if you learn to breath through your nose but wait until we get snorting too at the same time that's entertainment!!

  2. So funny! I love your story! Can't wait for more!

  3.'re not really going to make us wait until the 4th to hear how the trip went, are you???


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