Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Guy

This last Sunday was my man's birthday! If you haven't noticed by now, I have been coordinating our "love story" along with the actual dates, because when these certain dates come along, I usually end up reminiscing about my life's experiences.

This last Sunday was not only my man's birthday, it was just a mere thirteen years ago that I met his entire family.... and neighborhood, and friends, and pets, and people from his ward. Okay, maybe not all of those people, but it felt like it.

I married this cute little punk.

Here is an actual picture from "plumber guy's" birthday 13 years ago, as documented in Part 7 of And Then He Kissed Me! Oh we were young and soooo in love and I was soooo much skinnier. (sigh)

As I have read from many blogs, it seems to be tradition to document the number (same # as their age) of reasons why you love your husband on their birthdays. I decided to mix things up and tell you some reasons why I love him, some interesting facts about him, and some memories.
  1. He's very humble
  2. He has a great laugh
  3. He use to compete in body building
  4. He loves to watch soccer on t.v. (even if he can't understand their language)
  5. He served a mission for our church in South Korea
  6. He still has a great body, six pack included (not fair)
  7. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel
  8. He played rugby in high school (let's face it, that's kinda sexy)
  9. He got his Eagle in Scouts when he was only 13!
  10. He's a great help with his boys
  11. He's a great father
  12. He blew up his finger with a fire cracker when he was 13
  13. He spoke Korean so well, Koreans couldn't tell he was American
  14. He's an extremely hard worker
  15. He gave me a back rub almost every day when I was pregnant
  16. He takes his callings in our church seriously
  17. He's a great son, brother, brother-in-law, friend
  18. He use to wrestle in high school (I would've loved to see him in a wrestling uniform)
  19. He can do the Chinese Splits! No kidding. I have to get a picture.
  20. He's patient when I freak out (like yesterday when the car wouldn't start in 100 degree weather, and I had a sick baby roasting in the car, and I was sweating and maybe swore like a sailor in the parking lot at the doctor's office)
  21. He makes me laugh.
  22. He loves his family with all of his heart
  23. He has high morals
  24. He's a great soccer coach to Cody's team
  25. He has huge veins in his arms. One of his veins is about 1 inch wide!
  26. One of his favorite things to do is play with his kids
  27. He still makes me blush
  28. He's very accepting
  29. He is the fourth child of six
  30. He hates gravy on mash potatoes (weirdo)
  31. He loves brownies! He loves chocolate as much a woman. (girly man)
  32. He still flirts with me
  33. One of his nick names was Hans
  34. He's a good cook (I bow down to his grilling skills)
  35. When we were married in the temple, 12 years ago, the sealer told us that we were marrying the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. He was right.

Happy Birthday to the Man of My Dreams!


  1. Oh, He's so young. I was thinking of doing this for Daniel's b-day on Sunday...there will be a few more. Happy birthday, Steve! Hope its a good one!

  2. I love this list. That is awesome that the sealer in the temple told you that....just in case you had any doubts. (Although I know that you didn't.)

  3. p.s. Happy Birthday Steve!!!

  4. I'm learning about my brother more each day!! He has so many special qualities that I never knew about. I was gone after he turned 8 and I went off into the big world. Thanks so much Jen for introducing me to my brother!! Happy Birthday Big Guy!!

  5. You did marry a good guy, Jen! I have to concur. He was a great example to me growing up. I wish we lived closer because I loved getting into deep gospel discussions with him. Anyway, I have been really bad with birthdays this year, but happy belated birthday, Steve!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! "plumber guy" ie:Steve


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