Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Amendment To Part 5

Okay, so today I was at my cute sister-in-law Kate's house and we were talking about different blogs that we stalk. (Oh quit! You know you do it too.) So anyway, it then hit me. I completely forgot to let you, all of my lovely readers, in on another tid bit, of the utmost importance, information about the "plumber guy's" and mine love story.

It happened the same night that the "kiss to die for" happened. As you can remember, "plumber guy" and I were sitting on the couch holding hands. We were talking about the different sports and activities that we participated in when we were younger. I told him that I use to be in gymnastics and that I wasn't as limber as I use to be.

"I use to be able to do the Chinese splits," I told him. "But I can no longer do them."

Then "plumber guy" said, "I can do the Chinese splits."

"Nu-uh! Now way! I don't believe you!" This I had to see.

Then all of the sudden, "plumber guy" plopped down in front of me and spread his manly legs, one to the VERY far left and the other to the VERY far right!

My mouth dropped. I was speechless. It was at that very moment that the thought came to me, "I must marry this man. Oh yes, he must be the father of my children."

Oh yeah ladies... that one was for you. Gentlemen, you can now stop grimacing with the thought of the pain that "plumber guy" had to have experienced.

Still, to this day, I ask him to perform this limber "act" for me on occasion. He's not as quick as he use to be, but it's worth it!


  1. WOWIE! I have known very few men that could do that and even fewer that would admit to it. VERY IMPRESSIVE! No wonder you had to have him for your very own.

  2. Wow!! What a guy! That is amazing! I agree with Kim, no wonder you had to have him!

  3. LOL!! That's AWESOME!! Stick that "plumber guy" of yours into Karate!

  4. I too have seen this and it is truly impressive, although it does look painful for men!!! ouch!! LOL I can't believe you talk about my brother like that!! oh yeah you do have 2 kids.... ROFLMAO

  5. hey he does know some karate. he learned while he was in Korea!!

  6. So I am waiting for Part 6........


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