Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Then He Kissed Me! Part 6

There was no turning back for me. I had fallen completely and totally in love with "plumber guy". We had been dating for one whole month and there wasn't a day that we did not see each other or talked to each other. If "plumber guy" was a drug, I was hooked. I would be in total withdrawls and would need rehab if he were to ever leave me. Our first kiss turned into endless kisses.

After several weeks of dating and having many conversations about our families, "plumber guy" decided it was time to meet his parents. This was big! Meeting the parents meant things were getting serious. I was already thinking marriage and scribbling my name with his last name at the end of mine on various scraps of paper. The word "marriage" had not creeped into our vocabulary yet, and I was still unsure of what "plumber guy's" plans were with me.

Late after one of our dates, "plumber guy" asked me if I would mind if we stopped by his house to say "hi" to his parents.

"Okay," I said. "Are you sure they will be awake?"

"Oh yeah, they probably are still up. Um, I just got to warn you, my dad is a pretty big guy. I mean his legs are like tree trunks! And my house isn't fancy or big."

I wasn't sure why "plumber guy" was preparing me this way to meet his parents. Were his parents heathens? Was his dad an angry giant? Did he live in a shack? I really didn't care, because I was with the man that I had totally fallen head over heals with. I knew his parents had to be wonderful, because "plumber guy" was wonderful. And even if he did live in shack, it didn't matter. I thought it was sweet how he was worried of what I would think about his home and family. I didn't have any doubts and I assured him to not worry about it.

As we approached his home, I noticed that it was a normal, modest home. A white brick home with a a huge maple tree in the front yard. It looked like a home that was filled with laughter, family, and love. I imagined "plumber guy" as a little boy climbing that tree and playing with his friends in the yard. I thought, "Maybe our kids would climb that tree someday." We then walked up the front stairs to a dark house. He quietly opened the front door.

"Maybe I should meet your parents on another day. They are probably asleep," I told "plumber guy".

"That's okay. We'll wake them up," he said.

"What! We can't wake them up! What if they are in their underwear?"

It was a crazy thought, but I was really worried about meeting his parents for the first time while they were in their undies! This was an all too important first meeting. This was the moment that I was possibly meeting my future in-laws for the very first time and first impressions were key! What would they think of their son's future wife if I walked in on them in their undies? I didn't want to remember his parents in their undies!

"Plumber guy" grabbed my hand and he guided me down the hallway to his parent's bedroom.

This was it. I was going to meet "plumber guy's" parents. I all of the sudden became very timid and shy. He slowly opened his parent's bedroom door. They were laying together in bed, propped up by some pillows. And yes... they were in their undies. Thankfully, covered by the bed covers. Their faces were lit only by the t.v. and they smiled when they saw me. Phew!

"Um, mom and dad? This is Jennifer."

His father then greeted me, "well hello there Jennifer."

I managed to squeak out, "hello."

His mom just smiled and didn't say anything. I completely understood. I'm not sure if I would be in a talking a mood if my son just introduced his girlfriend to me while laying in bed in my undies. Then just like that, I told his parents, "it was nice to meet you," and we headed back to the living room. "Plumber guy" and I talked a little and I told him that I could not believe he introduced me to his parents while they were in bed and in their undies.

After a few minutes his dad put on some pajama bottoms and came out to chit chat with us. "Plumber guy" was right. His dad was a giant. He looked like a linebacker from the Giants football team. Although "plumber guy's" dad was giant like, he was kind. He reminded me of Santa Claus. His dad then started to talk about our trip back to my hometown in Wyoming over the Fourth of July.

"Oh yeah. The trip home," I thought to myself. I often worried about the trip home. I was nervous of telling my parents that I was going to bring home a "guest" and I was just nervous if spending that much time together was the right move so early in our relationship. Could this trip be the demise of this perfect relationship? Could their be problems in the near future?

We then said our good buys and "plumber guy" drove me back home. He walked me up my apartment stairs and under the warm, starry night he kissed me. However, this kiss seemed a little different. This kiss seemed to have a message behind it. That somehow, we both knew that we were going to be together forever. But neither one of us dared to tell one another, just how serious we felt about each other. I didn't want to jinx things. I didn't want this feeling to ever end.

The following week my roommate was coming home from her honeymoon and I was going to move into my very own apartment. Just me. It felt so adult like, so independent! "Plumber guy" said he would help me move then he invited me to go to his birthday party at his home. "It's just a little party with my family," he instructed. "We are going to have a barbecue and have some cake and ice cream."

"That sounds fun!" I said. But then I wondered.... would I be meeting some more of his family members?

So how did "plumber guy's" birthday party go? Did Jennifer meet more of his family members? If so, what did they think of her? Stay tuned for Part 7!


  1. I just don't understand the undies thing! Why, Oh, Why did he think that could be a good idea? At least they were nice. I wouldn't have talked either.

    Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. I know! He's a dork. I asked him about that the other day and he said, "I had to break you in some how." Ohhhhh hahahahahaha! Oh that was a knee slapper hon! I don't think he would have liked seeing my parents in their g's.

  3. At least they had those on and weren't doing OTHER things.... Now that's a memory... maybe a nightmare.. it gives you a full body shiver... kinda like seeing your granny naked ya'll!!

  4. Having grown up in Texas, I was NOT used to LDS people walking around in their undies either!(Shane's parents used to do it too) How mortifying!!! ARGH!

  5. OMG... I cannot believe he introduced you to them while they were in their undies.


    I can't stop smiling.


    Gotta read the next one now

  6. LOL!! Well, I could think of worse ways of just happening to meet your future in-laws! That's funny!

    Slowly catching up here :)


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