Saturday, May 31, 2008

And Then He Kissed Me! Part 5

The handsome "plumber guy" and I had been on two dates, and had yet to have our first kiss. A couple of days after our second date, "plumber guy" called and came to my apartment, just to spend time with me. One would have thought the elusive first kiss would have happened that night. The setting was ripe for the picken, but "plumber guy" was a gentlemen.

It was Friday night date night and I was going out with the gorgeous "plumber" again! He was taking me to a movie and it was a warm evening. So jean shorts, cute sandals, and a cute top were in order.

Knock, knock


"Hey, you look good!"

"He said I looked good!" I thought to myself, with excitement.

"So what movie are we going to see?"

"Braveheart. I heard it's really good," he claimed. ("plumber guy" had already secretly seen it)

We arrived to the theater and took our seats. Without hesitation "plumber guy" took my hand in his and held it. Be still my heart! I could hardly contain myself.

I was enjoying the movie when all of the sudden "plumber guy" said," Oh, we've got to step out for a little bit. I forgot about this part." He took my hand and led me out of the theater. "I saw this already with my brother, and there's a nudity scene that I forgot about."

How gentlemen like. After that certain scene was over we went back in to watch the rest of the movie. We sat there hand in hand with our heads tilted towards each other. It was bliss.

We continued watching the movie and then another one of "those" scenes came on the screen. Mel Gibson and an army of men lifted their kilts in unison! Revealing that Scottish men really do not wear anything under their kilts.

"Oh my word!" I teased "plumber guy". "What kind of movie have you brought me to? I can't believe you brought me to a movie that showed an army of wenises (that's what I call them) flapping in the wind!"

"Plumber guy" was speechless. I could tell his face was bright red with embarrassment.

"I, I, I'm soooo sorry. I totally forgot about that part."

"I'm just kidding! It's no big deal, well some of it was a BIG deal," I teased.

He began to laugh. I was feeling comfortable enough to actually be myself and I think he liked that I took what could've been a very uncomfortable situation and made it into a funny experience. (kind of like my experience with Herbert the pervert) I always considered the first date as a trial date. Your nervous, anxious, and trying to impress your date to your best abilities. Does anyone act like their normal selves on the first date? The date was turning out to be fun. We were enjoying being with each other.

Once we came back to my apartment, I invited "plumber guy" in for a while. We talked a little longer and held hands. Sigh. It was getting late and "plumber guy" had to go home. We stood at the door way for a while then he put his arms around me and gave me a hug. We slowly began to separate, but with our arms still around each other. "It's going to happen," I thought. "He's going to kiss me!" I then turned my face towards his. Our cheeks brushed together, sending chills down my spine.
And then it happened.... I kissed him! He did not kiss me.... I kissed him. The kiss was not returned!

He then smiled at me and said, "I had a good time. It was alot of fun. I'll call you tomorrow, okay."

"Thank you. It was fun. Talk to you tomorrow."

"Did what I just thought happened...happened?" I thought. I kissed him! He did not kiss me! Why didn't he kiss me? Why didn't he kiss me back? Did I do something wrong? I can't believe I kissed him. I'm a kissing ho.

It was later found out that when "plumber guy" got home, he was telling his younger sister about our date and he asked her what it meant when I kissed him. She then asked, "did you kiss her back?"


"Are you nuts?!?!" she said. (yes, he was) "Why didn't you kiss her back?"

"I d'know? It just happened so quickly."

Just after "plumber guy" left my apartment, the phone rang.

ring, ring


"Jen! So did he kiss you?" It was my neighbor from across the street.

I told her what had happened and she began to laugh. "You kissed him! Hahahahahaha!"

"I know, I'm a dork," I said.

The next day "plumber guy" was true to his word and called me. In fact he called me everyday! Friday night date night couldn't have come fast enough. I would get to hold his hand. I would get to stare into those dreamy blue eyes, look upon that hot hiney. And he would hold me with his strong, body building arms.

For our fourth date we drove to the big city again. This time he took me to Temple Square. To tell you the truth... this did make me a little nervous. Was he going to propose marriage, already? I hope he's not thinking this seriously so soon in our relationship. We hadn't even had our first kiss.

We walked around hand in hand, taking in the beauty of the Temple and the grounds. We then went to the Joseph Smith Building and watched the film there.

After the film was done, we headed back to my apartment. My roommate, her fiance, and the couple across the street were there. Steve and I sat on the couch hand in hand. We were talking and laughing with everyone. I felt like we were a real couple. I was falling in love.

My roommate and my friends then left. "Plumber guy" and I were talking about our plans for the 4th of July. I was telling him about all of the fun things I was going to do back home, in Wyoming.

"First I will be going to our town's little parade, and then my family usually goes to South Pass City. It's an old gold rush town and you can tour all of the buildings. They have cow chip (poop) throwing contests, arm wrestling contests, and a big barbecue out there. Then we'll probably go visit the Willie and Martin Handcart sites. Then later on that night my dad's friend, who's a orthodontist, invites anyone who wants to come, to a barbecue and about 150 people sit on a hill side in his cow pasture and we watch a musically, choreographed fireworks show! It's amazing! He has his pyrotechnic's licence, and the fireworks are huge!"

"Plumber guy" looked at me in amazement. "Wow!" he said. He was most likely saying 'wow' because I told him all about the 4th of July festivities in one breath.

"So what are your plans?" I asked him.

"Oh, I'll probably just go see the fireworks in town with my family."

I then felt bad that I had bragged about everything I was going to do. His plans sounded, well, kinda boring. I felt bad about the fun and excitement that I had planned for the 4th of July. And then I opened my mouth...

"You should come with me!"

The minute the words came out of my mouth, I wanted to take them back. "What are you doing? There you go again, Jennifer! Acting before thinking of your actions!" I thought to myself. It was too soon to ask "plumber guy" to come home with me, meet the whole fam damily, and spend the night at my home! I was worried. What are you thinking? He won't say yes. It's too soon.

Then without hesitation he said, "okay!"

What! Did he just say yes? What do I do now? This could be a bad thing.

"I know! I just won't bring it up again, and maybe he'll just forget about it," I thought. (That plan didn't work)

"Plumber guy" then interrupted my thoughts.

"Give me your hand." He's so demanding.... I liked that.

I gave him my hand and he wrote something in pen on my palm. I held it up and it read, "What would you do if I kissed you?" Tee hee hee hee. I smiled from ear to ear, took his hand and wrote, "I would kiss you back."

It was going to happen! It was going to happen tonight! Then my my mind started to race. I hope I'm a good kisser. I hope I don't drool too much. Do I tilt my head to the right or to the left? These are the kind of stupid thoughts that go through my head daily.

It was time for him to go and I walked him to the door. The room was dark, lit only by the full moon peering through the window. (a little sappy, I know) He held both of my hands and then leaned in. He tilted he his head to the right and I followed suit and tilted my head to the right also. Then he softly kissed my lips. Fireworks!

It was a perfect kiss. It was the last of my first kisses.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I knew it was coming! I love the way you tell this story, Jen. I bet Steve is lovin' it.

    I can't wait to hear the part where he proposed. Is that next??

    p.s. I'm glad I'm not the only one who kissed first. Only John did kiss back!

  2. Oh so fun!! I love that you say that was your last first kiss! So sweet. I'm ready for part 6!!

  3. Ooohhhh! I'm crying at the sweetness of it all! That is too funny that he took you out of the theater during Braveheart. I CAN'T believe you kissed him first - I kissed Shane first too! He was pretty shocked too.

    I've been waiting to read this all day! You are a great storyteller. Now you have to go on...we have to know the rest!

  4. Holla! to all of my fellow kissing ho's that kissed their men, before they kissed us!

    We rock.

  5. Its about time "plumber guy" took matters into his own hands. We can't have innocent little Jennifer running around constantly being a kissing ho!

  6. Awwwww!! You two are so cute! Love your stories, Jen!!

  7. My brother is such a nerd. I can't believe he didn't kiss you back. Who does that? I sure am glad that he finally did get his act together and took you off the market. I am lucky to have you as a sister-in-law. Trent was reading your blog and he was saying, "Jen is funny, her blog is so funny!"

  8. I must agree with Jenny my brother is a nerd. But he is a lovely nerd!! Plumber guy huh!!funny!!! I still remember him and Dave doing the Hans and Franz girly men!!! You too make a wonderful couple.

  9. Okay, so I LOVE reading these posts!
    Its taken me a few days to catch up, because I've been migraining.
    Nontheless... I am rooting for you even though you are married now. I am rooting for your awesome-est story, I love it. Me and Alan didn't date like that but I get all giddy when you talk about the first kiss, and the feelings because I so remember all those feelings, and they felt gooooood...

    Still do.

    Anyways can't wait to hear whats next!!

  10. Oh, and I am also a kissing ho. Well I haven't kissed many men, but I did kiss first.

    I'm quick like that.

    Well not like that....

  11. I kissed my husband first, if I had waited for him, I'd probably still be waiting. He was a little slow on the uptake.

    I am casting "Plumber Man", the movie, in my mind. I think Katherine Heigel should play you...who do you cast as Plumber Man?

  12. Jeni,

    Brad Pitt has agreed to play the part of "plumber guy". As for my part... it was a tough decision and I decided to play myself. I wanted to keep our story authentic.


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