Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday! LVHS Dance Pics

Here's another LVHS dance for the record books my friends! My good friend asked me to the Homecoming dance. He was my first "official" date, as I had just turned 16 the day before Homecoming. This fashionable frock was sewn by me, again. (I ended up sewing ALL of my dance formals/dresses except for one) Do you like the silky, Asian-esque fabric? It was on sale. I ended up putting on this dapper scarf in an attempt to camouflage the girls. Nice touch huh? My date ended up hooking up with a girl from one of his classes, and he left me high and dry. I didn't mind too much, since I considered him only as a friend. I spent most of the night, sitting in the bleachers. Paaa-thetic.

What the heck is with this pose?

The dance turned out to be a bust. The above date was not the only guy to ask me to the Homecoming dance. I probably would have danced the night away if I had gone with one of the following guys, instead.

Speaking of dance.... Maurice was well known for his dance moves. He placed 1st place in the "Lord of the Dance" competition at the local VFW. Dance Maurice! Dance! Sadly, I turned him down. I was fearful of the humiliation that would occur, due to my "lacking" dance skills.

I had the chance to go with one of the Olsen twins (not those Olsen twins), but they came to fist-a-cuffs trying to decide which one would go with me. Boyz, boyz..... we could have come up with a compromise. Both of you could have gone with me! A delightful trio!

AHHHHHHHHHH! No explanation needed.

Oh Phil... how I wish it would have worked out between the two of us. Those eyes, that glorious, red, fiery hair, and the stache.... oh the stache! These traits alone combined, made up a man to die for! Why, oh why, did you have to change your mind about me? The night would have been memorable.

Yet another chance is lost to attend a LVHS dance with this classy clique of young men.


  1. LOL!! You are too funny!
    That first picture with your date, He seriously looks like someone from my class last semester.

  2. The date picture looks like he's tickling you. Yikes! The other date choices are sweet. You should have gone with one of them!

  3. Hey, is that last one 'Herb the Perv? That's what I pictured.

  4. Phil could pass as a Herbert the pervert! Herbert the pervert had a fat head. And his hair was like a helmet of pubes. Did I just say that? Sorry if I have offended anyone!

  5. The twins, definitely! Your comment is hilarious about herb the perv!

  6. Okay, the pic of Phil is just too scary! Ick! Your dress was fabulous, of course. That is funny that you wore the scarf to hide the girls. Scarves were very fashionable back then!


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