Monday, June 2, 2008

The Bod

I've had a few requests to post a picture of my "plumber guy's" bodacious, body, building bod.

So I felt it was my duty to do so, despite what "plumber guy" thinks.

Feast your eyes upon THIS!

Okay, so this isn't him. But it is the picture that pops in your mind when hear the word "plumber".

In reality, "plumber guy" would banish me from his presence if I did post a real picture of him, flexing in all of his gloriousness! It embarrasses him so. Heck, if I had that body I would show off my pictures, but "plumber guy" has a humble soul. So a picture of one his heroes will have to do.

"I'll be bawk!"

Psst.... (whisper mode) If you did just happen to come to my house and you just happened to go downstairs and turned to the left, to the family room, and picked up the family scrapbook, there is a VERY good chance that you would see "plumber's guy" bod. Oh yeah, I dedicated a scrapbook page to him! Just remember, I did not mention this to you.


  1. hehehe, thanks for the tip...I'll be right over. No really...knowing Steve I KNOW he would never look like the plumber-bum-guy. In fact, since I started reading your story in the middle, I thought "but I don't remember Steve ever being a plumber...maybe she's talking about someone else...hmmmmm???"

  2. Kim,
    You gotta start from the beginning of our "love story" to find out why I was calling him "plumber guy"!

  3. That is great. I will come visit you sometime and take a walk downstairs. I love the plumber picture, though. So plumberesque.

  4. Jen - I finally figured that out after reading a couple of entries and being thoroughly confused. It was a beautiful story. You know we all expect to hear the rest now, don't you???

  5. I used to change his diapers and he was nedked y'all. I mus t admit he was under two at the time. Does that make me a perv?? I wonder. I'm sure he's changed alot since then......


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