Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sing-A-Ma-Jig

Shopping for Christmas this year, proved to be a little difficult. Shopping for Homey is expensive and he only got to open a few gifts. And then there is Homeboy's Christmas gifts. So much more fun to shop for! I would imagine Homeboy's reaction while opening gifts, Christmas morning. I imagined him laughing and squealing with glee!
"Mom, look! Look! I godda Wegos!"
On one particular Christmas, shopping, excursion, I noticed 3 little girls huddled around the Sing-A-Ma-Jig display. They would push on bellies of the Sing-A-Ma-Jig's, and then a cloud of sweet, giggles, would explode around them. I couldn't help but smile and giggle to myself.
"I bet Homeboy would love a Sing-A-Ma-Jig!"
I just knew Homeboy would love the greenish one that harmonizes in deep, low tones!
Christmas morning came and I was anxious for Homeboy to open his Sing-A-Ma-Jig. I couldn't wait for him to push on it's belly and have his donkey-like, laughter, follow.
He quickly opened the package and gave it a "look". He wasn't sure what it was and what to do with it, so I pushed it's belly and waited for his reaction.
His reaction wasn't quite what I thought it would be. He immediately scowled at the
Sing-A-Ma-Jig, chucked it across our living room and said, "I don't wike dat thing!"
I tried with all of my might to make it funny and fun to him, but instead I ended up scaring the poor child. Great. Nightmares, "mother issues", and trips to the psychologist are sure to be in his future.
For the following week, if Homeboy happened to come upon Mr. Sing-A-Ma-Jig, he would throw across the room and repeat his first verbal reaction, "I don't wike dat thing!"
Okay, I get it. He hates it. I stink at Christmas shopping. And I am the root of all of issues that he will have in his adult life. Therefore, I hid it. Deep within the dark corners of my bedroom closet. A corner so dark, no one would dare to venture it.
Then one day, I opened the fridge. And this is what I found.
Laying flat on it's back, next to a chocolate pie, Mr. Sing-A-Ma-Jig.
Apparently Homeboy tried to freeze it to death. Possibly he thought exposure to the "elements" could cause a severe case of frostbite and amputation would be necessary. Ahem.
Next year, Steve can do ALL of the Christmas shopping.


  1. :D gotta love it!! he probably was happiest when he was ripping the paper off of presents, right???

    and the other day we looked for 1/2 the day to find something Ben had. I finally found it the next morning--tucked behind the orange juice & yogurt ;)

  2. This made me laugh out loud. You seriously crack me up, along with all the funny antics of your offspring.

  3. I needed a good laugh tonite! Leave it to Connor to try and freeze the thing a ma jiggy! Don't feel bad about bombing Christmas, I do it every year and wonder why I even try! I should just buy stuff for myself and laugh and giggle at all the fun things I bought while my family looks at me like I am a freak on Christmas morn(:

  4. Oh my heck! That is hilarious!! You should just take it back and get your money back :) Christmas shopping can be fun, but it is such a let down when your kids open their gifts and don't act very excited. It almost makes you feel like a failure in life LOL! :) I totally agree with the husbands going christmas shopping, but then again, they don't get as good as deals as we get! :)

  5. Blahahhahaa!! That is too funny! Those things scare me too!


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