Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchenaid - all jazzed up

Check it out - my Kitchenaid mixer sure does look snazzy.

I recently saw this idea on U-Create.

I used my Cricut to cut out some vinyl and added it to my mixer. Think of the possibilities! Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Hanukkah...

The only thing that would make my mixer looked more "tricked-out" would be a new Kitchenaid. In red.


  1. That is so cool. I have a simple boring white one, too. I keep entering the PW contests to win a beautiful red one, but my losing reputation precedes me. You are very creative. Now make some cookies!

  2. That looks so cute! I want a red one too! That is the one I wanted for my wedding but my mom wouldn't get it for me, she said that I would get sick of red. Buggin!! I still, 6 years later want the red one!!! Thanks a lot mom!

  3. Awesomeness!! I so need a cricut!


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