Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Halloween this year was a hullabaloo of costumes, trick or treating, and candy!
To start the Halloween festivities off, we attended our ward's trunk or treat.

I tried to convince Cody to be a kitty cat this year, but he wasn't feeling it. I wasn't finished sewing his costume yet, so we stuck on his Captain Jack Sparrow costume on from last year.

Trunk or Treat is the event for me. We use to decorate the back of our truck with a 6' creepy paper mache tree that I made out of wood forms, chicken wire, craft paper, wall paper paste and paint. I made headstones out of Styrofoam and spread Spanish moss all over and made a graveyard. Ooooooooo spooky!

Watcha think of our haunted house? I designed it, Steve put it together, then I painted it and added the spooky elements. I love my haunted house. I wish I could move in to it.

Cody was given a pumpkin to carve for our little town's annual Pumpkin Walk. Can you guess what it is?


Our mouse and his cheese.

Look at Cody taking all of the credit for carving this master piece for the Pumpkin Walk.

For crazy hair day, I thought it would be cool to make Cody's head into a jackolantern.

I sprayed on the orange hair spray a little too thick. His scalp is still bright orange.

On Halloween night, Cody ditched us for his friends. What? We aren't fun? Cody was going to be a ninja for Halloween. I spent 2 days sewing that stupid costume and because it was made for a giant sized 11 year old, it ended up looking like a ninja costume for an Oompa-Loompa. It was bad... so very bad. We ended up buying a gory skeleton thing with oozing fake blood. He makes us proud.

Conner endured another night of Halloween shenanigans. He raked in the candy. Good thing he doesn't have teeth yet. Yup, still no teeth.

I have great news people! No I'm not pregnant.

I have actually managed to post a total of... (drum roll please) 100 posts!!!!!

And in honor of the posting 100 posts tradition, I will be sharing 100 tid bits about moi. I know! Please contain your excitement.

One can only imagine what exciting ins and outs you will be learning about me. Perhaps I pick my toes? Or maybe I will reveal a deep, dark secret. Tune in friends!


  1. How fun. The hours of preparing for the trunk or treat!!!! Why not a picture of the oomp-loompa?

  2. Cody wouldn't let met take a pic of him. Maybe I can bribe him?

  3. I loved your haunted house. i was impressed with it at the trunk or treat! You're so creative. I want to see the oopa loompa, too! I'll bribe him! I noticed a bit of orange in Cody's hair on Sunday. I didn't feel so bad that there was still green in Sam's at that point. Fun pictures!

  4. Fun Pics, Jen! You are so creative and crafty! Can't you rub some of that craftiness onto me somehow?! Loved that Haunted House! Glad you all had a fun Halloweeen!

  5. We sponsored a Hounted House for Halloween to earn money for Kassy to go to DC this spring. Boy could we have used your talent. I can only do so much you know eat and bake !! I try to stick with what I'm good at ya know. I really had to go out on a limb this year though!! Great pictures they are both so cute!!

  6. That mouse and cheese is so cute! I am very impressed with your haunted house skills. I am a Halloween slacker mom.

  7. The mouse in his cheese was so cute! I thought about decorating my trunk this year for the trunk or treat, but it just didn't get done along with about a million other things this month. You've really got it together, Jen!

  8. You put your little mouse with his cheese!! I would have never thought of that, brilliant. And I like the Jack Sparrow costume, I don't think I will ever get sick of that one.
    Looks like your quite the crafty one, what's the haunted house for? Your trunk-or-treat? I've never been to one of those.

    Little Conner is so cute, and I loved Cody's hair, holy cow thats alot of orange paint!!

  9. Connor looked adorable! Don't feel bad about Codys hair. When I was in fifth grade my mom sprayed my hair pink for halloween and it took months to wash out. Seriously. . .months!

  10. Connor's costume and stroller were so cute! You are too cool - going all out for the trunker treat. I'm lame, I didn't decorate my trunk, but I did wear a fun glow-in-the-dark necklace! Does that count? The haunted house looks very cool. When I run away from home I'll move into it with you.


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