Tuesday, November 4, 2008

100 Tid Bits... about me!

As promised, I have pondered, racked, and picked my brain for 100 miscellaneous morsels, about me, to share with you.

I only have one thing to say... do not hold any of the below information against me. Please have mercy on my soul and judge me not, for the Lord has commandeth it so! And anyways, it's all my parent's fault. (just kidding mom! I knew that would make her gasp.)

  1. I'm the oldest of 6 kids in my family

  2. I have foot issues. I can't have anyone touch or rub my feet!

  3. Dirty, calloused feet makes my skin crawl

  4. I was born and raised in Wyoming

  5. I'm constantly striving to become more organized

  6. I have OCD tendencies. (my husband just burst into loud obnoxious laughter. rude.) But, I'm not as bad a my younger brother, Brian. I don't alphabetize my dvds and cds. Wierdo

  7. I'm a shorty. 5ft and about 1 inch to be exact (my husband just laughed. he's one to talk.)

  8. I wish I was 5 inches taller

  9. I ran into a moose with my bike, when I was delivering newspapers.

  10. I had a newspaper route from the age of 10 to 13. I hated it. I was fired.

  11. I'm afraid of dogs. Well, big dogs. I was bit by "Casey" the guard dog several times when I was delivering newspapers.

  12. I can twist my tongue. I have special talents.

  13. When planning an event, I obsess about it until the event occurs. I plan every single little detail. Ask me if the Christmas dinner is planned out for RS? Oh yes, I even know what the centerpieces are going to be.

  14. I write lists all of the time. Look in any notepad laying around the house and you will find various lists, from various time periods

  15. I have a little ornament business

  16. I use to have a wedding business

  17. I've been engaged two times. Once to a previous dork and my hubbin.

  18. I hate math. I don't get it, never will.

  19. Would've liked to finish college, but the math thing scares me.

  20. I use to work for the RICKS college catering department. I now have food issues (leftover food on plates, that is)

  21. I still get zits, like a flippin teeny bopper going through puberty! What the crap?

  22. I've always wanted a baby girl. People are always telling me that I need to have a baby girl.

  23. I share my birthday with my baby boy, a nephew, a step brother-in-law, and a step sister-in-law

  24. I love, love, love Christmas music! I have to listen to it when I'm making ornaments (even in the early fall)

  25. I have a brutal glare. My husband says I have Lazar eyes when I'm ticked. So you better watch it people!

  26. I have to have a clean house before I start a new project or craft. I'm weird

  27. I love decorating for the holidays

  28. I was kicked out of piano lessons. My teacher was the sweetest, nicest lady and she basically said I was wasting her time because I never practiced.

  29. My favorite subjects in school was art and history

  30. My first kiss was in a cave, with a boy with the last name Mormon. Although, he was not a "Mormon".

  31. I use to sneak out of my house alot, in high school, and meet my best friend Christal. We would just talk and laugh. Lame but we felt like rebels.

  32. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18. I know, I'm weird.

  33. I have a weak bladder. And I mean weak! You get me laughing hard, I pee my pants. My mom use to threaten to put a diaper on me every time I had an "accident".

  34. I've wet my pants on my friend, Christal's mom's bed, her brother's floor, various friend's trampolines (jumping and laughing is dangerous for me), church, school. I am scarred for life. I can control it alot better now.

  35. When I was a little kid, I would chew gum I would find on the ground. I remember picking the rocks out of it. (My mom just shuddered with this memory)

  36. I use to work in a floral shop

  37. I saw my dentist/seminary teacher naked. Hair! Oh the massive amount of body hair! (It was on accident people!)

  38. I have two, very cute boys.

  39. I love that they both had tons of hair, as babies, and it stuck straight up on both of them. Conner's still does.

  40. I can sew. I sew alot of things!

  41. I have a collection of antique kitchen ware.

  42. When I'm angry I slam doors. I'm working on controlling this. I'm naughty.

  43. I never go to a store without makeup on. It's the zit thing.

  44. I'm a picky eater.

  45. I hate onions, pickles, mustard and even lettuce.

  46. I have smell issues. Certain smells make me sick. see #45

  47. I was excited to find out that Conner was a boy because I knew Cody would be so excited to have a little brother.

  48. One of my favorite things to do is to watch Cody and Conner together. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

  49. Two of my heroines was my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They both passed away from Breast Cancer. I miss them dearly.

  50. I was chased by a bear when I was 12

  51. I use to run track. Long distance. You wouldn't know it by looking at me today.

  52. I use to work for a mortuary. I use to have to vacuum around the dearly departed in their caskets.

  53. I have good eye sight

  54. I'm going to deaf. Eh?

  55. I have small feet. Before children, I wore a size 5 shoe. Now I'm a size 6.

  56. I've never seen the ocean. You may pick up your lower jaw now.

  57. I'm very dependable. Sometimes, I think I'm too dependable.

  58. I constantly worry that I have a booger hanging out of my nose. I usually check for stragglers before I leave for a destination or an event.

  59. I mooned my Stake President. Not my current Stake President.

  60. I scrapbook

  61. I like to garden, if it's not too hot.

  62. I watch alot of HGTV.

  63. I like to watch the reality murder mystery shows. 48 hours, Cold Case, Arrest and Trial, etc.

  64. In my dreams, I would like to be a forensic scientist.

  65. My favorite parts to kiss on my baby is the space between his jaw and ear and his chubby cheeks.

  66. My favorite part on my husband is his abs. Okay, and his rear. He has a very nice rear.

  67. I use to sneak and find all of my Christmas gifts when I was a kid.

  68. Me and my husband spent our wedding night at a Motel 6. I feel dirty and cheap. (In defense of my husband, the rest of our honeymoon was wonderful and dreamy and we have not stayed in a Motel 6 since then.)
  69. I prefer the cold over the heat. I hate being hot. It makes me grumpy and stinky.
  70. I don't get to watch much t.v. at night because I usually have a gazillion things to make and do.
  71. I'm a good baker. My momma taught me well.
  72. I use to be a hotel maid, during the summers when I was in high school. I now have issues with hairy soap or any hair, for that matter.
  73. I use to work for a chiropractor, but I don't like having my back adjusted.
  74. I'm wondering if I should have another baby, even though I'm old.
  75. I married a man that can do the Chinese splits! I was sold when he performed this amazing talent on our third date.
  76. I never had stitches until I had a baby.
  77. I've known my best friend, Christal since the first day of kindergarten.
  78. I like to curl up on the couch and look through a good magazine. (Crafting stuff, decorating stuff, family stuff)
  79. I've never read any of the Harry Potter books or the Twilight Series books. And I don't plan on reading them. Blasphemy!
  80. I once seriously considered going on a mission.
  81. I got the worst grades, ever, when I attended RICKS college. It was because I was having too much fun, skipping classes, and being free.
  82. I sucked my thumb until I was 11 or twelve. Once in a while, I would do it in my sleep when I was in high school and my dad would plop it out.
  83. I use to sleep walk.
  84. When my house is a mess, it stresses me out. Big time.
  85. I use to play Star Wars with my younger brother, and our neighbor Travis. Travis was Luke Skywalker, my brother was Han Solo, and I was Chewbaca. No I'm kidding. I was Princess Leiah.
  86. I use to lie to people when I was little and tell them my middle name was Leiah. It's actually Lee.
  87. I really like Dr. Pepper.
  88. I've never broken a bone. I've bruised my tailbone, but have never broken a bone.
  89. I can draw. But I don't have as much talent as my younger sister Melanie. The girl is an amazing artist.
  90. I think my favorite food is steak, but it can change at any moment.
  91. I use to work in an E.R.. Lots of drunk people. Lots of nekkid old men. Ewww.
  92. I plan on loosing weight, some day.
  93. I would like to have a reduction on the girls. They are just too much to handle.
  94. I loved serving in YW's.
  95. I have green eyes.
  96. I have a big fear of heights.
  97. I'm not afraid of spiders or bugs, unless they are crawling on me when I'm asleep. Call me, I'll kill them.
  98. I didn't have my own room until I was 19.
  99. I like being alone. I need to have my alone time.
  100. But then I end up missing my family. I love my family.


  1. Wow! first one to comment. lots of tidbits I didn't know about you. Have another baby, you know it will be a girl!!! I love my family too, but I crave alone time where I don't have to serve anyone and I can just relax and do something I want to do!

  2. Okay- You HIT a MOOSE on your BIKE??? I bet your the ONLY one who could say that, how does that happen?
    And- I LOVE math!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I aced all my college math classes and then dropped out because I couldn't handle english or history. I could be a Math teacher if it paid good, and if I got paid to go to school to be a teacher.

    Oh- I still get zits, worse than a teeny bopper, they pop up and then take 2 weeks to go away the next day another pops up in the exact same spot. I am fearful of scars for that reason.
    I loved reading more about you!!
    What a fun post, I can't wait till I can do mine.

  3. I can't believe you hit a moose and were chased by a bear, and lived to tell about it! Most of the other stuff I think I knew. (Except Steve with the Chinese splits!) Wow! How does a person respond to their date doing that???

  4. What a great list! I loved learning so much more about you. I knew the crafty creative stuff, but the moose and the bear take the cake!

  5. What FUN to learn this stuff about you! That's HILARIOUS about you hitting a moose on your bike! I hate math too. I had to take Algebra twice in High School and I ended up dropping it in college. You know what I hate about zits at my age? They leave marks that take a year to go away. Argh! Thanks for sharing your fun stuff - your secrets are safe with me.

  6. i like knowing more about you! you're such a fun person, seriously!!!

  7. WOW!! Love the list! So fun learning more about you Jen!
    I am with you about the Math. I am 3 classes away from my degree and this Math thing is all I have left! My biggest road block yet to that degree. Uugghhh!!

  8. fun, fun, fun, you are such and interesting person!!

  9. I have to agree with the math and zits!! Get you an Alex to tutor you through Math amd you'll pass with flying colors. I did.. It's really bad when you have to have your teenage son tutor but the way that I look at it whatever works... Fun learning new things about you. I can honestly say I've never run into a moose although one almost ran into me while we were camping woth the family at Cottonwood. Yes that was the same trip that mom peed her pants and had to wear dad's sweats!!! He's only a foot taller than she was. They were up under her armpits and still bagged a mile around her ankles. I'm laughing just thinking about it.. I miss mom and Kay too. You might as well have a baby cuz you know it'll be a girl everyone else's third child was a girl.. Go on give it a try.. at least the practicing will be fun...

  10. Wow! What an interesting list. No driver's license until 18?!

  11. Your list was so fun to read! There are so many hilarious ones, like hitting a moose, eating previously used gum, and wetting your pants, that's so funny. I didn't know that you went and worked at Ricks. I went to ByuI, I loved it up there! You have had so many different jobs, wow, you can do anything! That's amazing!

  12. Jen, I love your personality! You are awesome! It was so fun to read about you! You have a million talents, I'm so jealous! Way to go!

  13. Zits are the bane of my existence and I am way older than you. Very fun list, I love people who put it out there and tell the truth! We'd be good friends in real life, I'm not a thing like you,(except for sewing, that I do) so we would appreciate the others different qualities. And I would use you for your creativity and I would make you laugh.

  14. Oh...I am a door slammer too. But unlike you, I am not trying to break the habit, it's how my family knows I am really ticked off!

  15. 50. deserves a story
    oh and I must have missed the moose thing but I want that story too
    baby question. you're such a good mom and I'd love to see you with more :)
    but this....I mean I just think I accidently took this wrong but...well?
    this: My favorite parts to kiss on my baby is the space between his jaw and ear and his chubby cheeks.
    lead on my part to confusion on my part about this:
    My favorite part on my husband is his abs. Okay, and his rear. He has a very nice rear.
    because I was still thinking of the favorite parts to kiss...should I have kept that to myself? I just had to laugh at my misconception. :)

  16. I wish I could edit comments...sorry about the extra "on my part"


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