Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flashback Friday - What not to wear!

Through out the last 30 years or so, there have been many questionable fashion trends. And I chose to wear the majority of them. Gunne Sax dresses... yup. Parachute pants... been there done that. Leg warmers... what was I thinking? Rolled pant legs... who thought of that awesome trend?

Oh my goodness! It's my in-famous hot pink sweat shirt with the striped hot pink shirt. You know? The very ensemble that I was wearing when I came to the decision that a training bra was necessary. Maybe this picture was taken on that very day! Maybe that's why I have that look on my face!

Here's someone else that has questionable fashion sense. We are just a tad bit in denial, don-cha think?

Do these Daisy Dukes make my bum look big?

I knew it! I knew me and Katie were meant to be bff's! We have the same acute fashion sense to tuck and roll the bottoms of our jeans. (sigh) We are one in spirit.

I once owned a pair of BOTH of these lovelies.

What exactly were the stirrups for on these stretchy pants? Was there a fear of your pant leg getting caught in the spokes of your bike? Although, dorky looking, I enjoyed wearing my stretchy pants with my over sized sweaters and blouses. Perfect for those bloaty days.

And we must not forget the days of pleated acid wash jeans. Figure flattering, don't ya think?


  1. I wish I still had acid wash jeans. I would be so hip and cool. Oh wait!! No! I love the fashion trends. I wonder what we'll think when we look back to these last few years. Will our kids hate us for the things we wore and the things we let them wear because it was in style?? Hmmm...

  2. LOL!! Have you been going through my wardrobe? Oh yeah, I don't own any of that anymore. I use to LOVE those stretch pants! I think I had one in every single color :)

  3. I still love stretch pants... although I don't go for the stirrups they reveal way more than they need to...

  4. I think I had that same pink sweater with the same striped shirt underneath. I remember wearing it and sweating at school. Ah, those were the days. I wore my plastic bracelets with it too along with my 'best friends' necklace half. Remember those?

    How did you get a picture of my belly on your blog? I'm so embarassed.

  5. I lived in stirrup pants while pregnant with 2 & 3 and maybe 4.
    I was under the delusion they made me look taller, nope, you could just see the dimpling better.

  6. Gross, gross, gross, need I say more.

    You know I will though, the saddest part about this post is that I know that I wear clothes NOW that my younger more in-tune associates view with the same distaste as acid washed jeans . . .

  7. I had a couple of pairs of the stirrup pants...I only kept ONE of the huge sweaters that I loved to wear over them. It's tucked away in my closet for when they come back in style in 10 years.

    I can't believe you found a pic of Katie Cruise with her jeans rolled! That's a LAUGH! She must have been too young for the trends back when we were doing that with our pants because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be doing that now if she had done it then. I laugh at myself constantly for the things that I used to wear.


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