Monday, September 1, 2008

First day of school

The week before school began, our family was buzzing with excitement. The majority of the buzzing came from me, of course. The oldest fruit of my loins, was getting on my last nerve, with the constant complaining, whining, dis-obeying, and any other -ing thing you could think of.

In preparation of the beloved school season, we bought crisp new shirts, an-scathed jeans, non-scuffed shoes, fluffy white socks, and streakless underwear. Colored pencils, a new back pack, and calculator were also a must for this special occasion. The excitement was so thick, you could cut it with a knife! However, Cody would strongly disagree. But I don't care. I was ready to kick the grumpy pre-teen to the curb. The "school" curb, that is! Wa! hahahahahah! (I'm evilllllll)

Conner also joined in, with preparing for the school year, by getting a hair cut. His very first hair cut (sniff, sniff).

Conner had an audience while getting his hair cut. See all of the girls checking him out in the reflection of the mirror? Oh yeah, the babes loved him.

Conner was so good and sat still for most of the haircut. Thank heavens!

The first day of school finally rolled in and we, I mean, I was ready.
Cody insisted on wearing his new hoody on the first day of school, even though the temperature was going to hit almost 100 degrees. He may look excited and happy to pose for the annual "first day of school" pics, he wasn't. I practically had to drag him out of the car.
Adios Cody! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Sayonara! Ciao! Make your momma proud!


  1. There is no better cure for any ailment than the first day of school. And the second, and the third, and the fourth, etc, etc. Conner is so cute. I will have to watch for his new haircut. You have very handsome boys!

  2. Wearing the longsleeved hoodie is something that Levi would have totally done had I let him. He is OBSESSED with longsleeves!

    Cute pic of Faith's boyfriend getting a haircut.

  3. Yeah for school starting! I can feel the excitement (of the moms, of course) in the air! Conner looks sooo cute with his big boy hair cut! I understand...I cried a little after Jake's first hair cut. Enjoy the time with your little one all by yourself! Before you know'll want to take him to play group to get out of the house!

  4. Ahh! The first day of school! Isn't it bliss? Tanner was good the first couple of days. He was up before 7AM all dressed and ready for the new school year to begin, but by the third day, I literally had to drag him out of bed. Is Connor walking around the furniture yet? I can't believe he is almost a year old. It is craziness.

  5. Yeah for you! Tres just started the two hrs/twice a week thing. I like it. And connor is so stinkin cute!

  6. Your Boys look AWESOME! I LOVE the first day back to school. Such a joyful time for everyone, Mom especially, hee hee. Endless summer hours of.... well, You know what I mean ;)
    Cute pics, Jen!!

  7. they are both too cute. That first day of school is even better after a hot summer with two teenagers who just can't seem to get along. Whatever happened to LOVE ONE ANOTHER?????


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