Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flashback Friday - Dear ol' Dad

Four years ago I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting for my church on Father's Day. The topic I was given was "Fathers". Nothing else, just "Fathers". I started to think of what I could say about "Fathers" and decided to talk about the many examples of fathers that played a part in my life.

My dad is quite a character. I decided to tell every one in my ward about my dad in the best way I could portray him... with pictures that I drew and colored and I wrote a silly poem, of course.

For the life of me, I could not find the poem. Sooooo, I'll try to remember it the best I can. Here goes!


My dad is one of a kind.
He likes to fish, hunt, hike and he has a good mind.
He sports a comb-over and his fashion sense is to be desired.
But he is well known and admired.

He use to take all of us kids when we were tikes,
on 10 mile hikes.
And when we began to complain,
he would lie and tell us, "Have you no shame?"
"We only have 1 more mile to go!" he would proclaim.
When in reality, there was many more miles to obtain.
We thought he was insane.

He taught each of his kids to work hard.
Such as vacuuming, mopping, and working in the yard.

When me and my brother were just young'ns,
he forced us to get a job and deliver newspapers twenty four-seven.
In the middle of winter the rule was... zero or below,
then he would drive us to and fro.
And when he did drive us, it was heaven.
Away from the frigid cold, we were lovin.

My dad also taught us how to pray.
To love the Gospel, and to obey.

He was quick to comfort us whenever we were mad or sad.
There is no other, like my dad!

I have been very fortunate to have a such a great dad. I shudder to think of what kind of father I could have ended up with. Here are some examples.

This particular dad was found wandering the streets, wearing a tutu and a football helmet. He was yelling, "I'm a pretty pony! I'm a pretty pony!"
Hmmmm... sound familiar.

This particular dad goes by the name of Veronica. He likes to sashay!

This particular dad, wearing white, is in a cover band and likes to break out in song at a moments notice. "Wake me up before you go go! Don't you leave me hanging on like a yo-yo!"

This striking father is married to none other than, the nanny to the stars... Lulu. He is also quick to seize the harmful ciggys away from the grasp of children's hands. The two of them were meant for each other.

Ed here, is a whiz in the kitchen. His favorite entree to prepare for his kids is pickled pig's feet ala mac n cheese.

How you doin'? Brad can be my dad, anytime. Oooo that's weird. Brad can be my chiropractor's dad or my neighbor's dad, or my dog walker's SINGLE dad. In my mind, Angelina does not exist.

Here's to all of those stellar dads!


  1. your dad sounds pretty cool. but my dad can beat up your dad! j/k thought i would throw that in there. i like the part with brad pitt, i don't think angelina exsists either. hope to see you tomorrow!

  2. First of all, I love the poem about your dad. Sounds like you have a terrific one! I love your drawings. You are so talented. The pictures after that are kind of scary! Oh, wait! Except the last one. That's not scary. It's kinda nice. But don't tell Daniel I said that!

  3. Hi! This is my first time here and you are HILARIOUS. I was actually browsing some pictures on Google today to see if I could find some grocery shopping pictures...then I found the picture you posted a few months back about the death sentence that is going grocery shopping with children. Your post was almost exactly what I went through today! Anyway, I'm a fellow Utah Mom (with 2 boys, no less) and I certainly feel your pain. Ugh...errands are the bane of my existence. Loved the post about your Dad!

  4. Ok, now you can come back to my blog and read my most recent grocery-shopping post. Oh, and you have my permission to delete this silly comment post haste.

  5. Love your poem, Jen!! Your dad sounds pretty awesome!
    And the last photo, What a hottie!!

  6. does your dad want to adopt a few kids?????

  7. I love your poem about your dad.
    And I love ANY entry that includes Brad Pitt. Ooooooh yeah.


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