Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Nannies Strike Back

If you watch any of the entertainment shows lately, you will see that Rob Lowe is now being sued by two of his old nannies for sexual harassment. This isn't the first time a star has gotten into trouble with their nannies. The following is some advise that I am passing on to these so called stars.

This is one of Rob Lowe's ex-nannies

If he had hired Martha... he would not be in the predicament he is in now.

Martha would have none of that!

This was Jude Law's nanny, whom he had an affair with...on the pool table no less. Thus, ending his engagement to Sienna Miller.

If he had hired Opal... he would probably be married and starring in a hit film with his new wife, Sienna.

Along with her keen sense of style, Opal knows the Heimlich maneuver and knows how to whip up the best PBJ sandwiches.

Ethan Hawke's ex-nanny is pregnant with their love child now. Here is a picture of the two on a night of romance.

She looks similar to his ex-wife, Uma Thurman. Hmmmmmmm?

If the Hawke family would have hired these three responsible, snake handling, grannies.... Ethan may have never carried on with the shenanigans that caused the demise of his marriage.

Don't let the wheelchairs fool you people. These ladies wrestled this mighty python from it's grip of death. And, they managed to look flashy in there sun hats. If they are capable of wrestling pythons, they are more than capable of child care.

This is country singer, Sara Evans ex-nanny....... Although the singer did not have the affair with the nanny, she made the error in judgement of hiring this nanny, who was accused of having an affair with her husband.

Could this nanny's marriage started off under false pretenses?

If Sara would have only listened to the voice in her head (DO NOT HIRE THIS PRETTY GIRL!) and hired Marge... she may have saved money on a divorce attorney.

Marge is resourceful.... she is the queen of the child care and a cup holder at the same time.

The following are other applicants that would have been more than capable of being a nanny to the stars.

Lulu was quick to snatch this ciggy away from one of the children's hands, that she was tending. She has high morals.

After the "little incident" with her step-sister, Cinderella, Harriott reformed and took child care classes at the local community center.

Betsy's idol is Marry Poppins.

My last word of advise is probably the most important, the most valuable, the most wise advise I can ever give.... How about taking care of your children, yourselves?


  1. Where were the nannies when my kids were growing up and needed them? Alas I have to babysit my own kids with the help of their father scarrrrry thought huh!! I must admit though they all survived and are doing quite well contrary to what some must think.

  2. Amen to that, sister! I don't get how people can be too busy to take care of their own children. That's why you get married, so you can share the load, not to share the nanny with the kids! I love your post - those pics are priceless!

  3. Where do you come up with this stuff? It's brilliance. Pure brilliance.

    You make me laugh my head off!!!

  4. Oh Holly, if you only knew what sick thoughts go through this head of mine. I think I need help. I need an intervention.

    I'm stuck home, alone with some of the craziest little people in the world. It's their fault.

    But hey, it's intertaining!

  5. I LOVE the cupholder. Might go for that nanny myself! You have a knack for wry humor! I love it.

    I agree that the best place to have your kids is with you! I think it's a status symbol to many in that world to have them. Sad!

  6. You crack me up! But i totally agree. Take care of your own kids.

  7. All I can say Jen is that you seriously make me laugh!! You are so funny!

  8. I love you! You have a knack for the blog world. You are amazing. it seems like you sprinkle perfect dust on everything you attempt in life.


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