Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interview with the Big Daddy - Steve

  • What was your first thought when I told you that you were going to be a father for the first time?

Steve - Excited and worried. At the same time.

  • And the second time?

Steve - More excited and.... finally!

Me - You weren't surprised? I was surprised. I thought you were surprised?

Steve - Well, no. We were doing things to get pregnant, ya know.

Me - What kinda things? No, I'm kidding. Don't answer that. This blog is rated G. Sorta.

  • When I was going through the excruciating pain and torment of labor and giving birth, did you feel eternally grateful?

Steve - You mean, was I happy that it wasn't me going through this? Yeah!

Me - No! I mean were you grateful to me that I went through the excruciating pain and torment of pregnancy, labor, and giving birth? Oh, and breast feeding, just to bring your two mini-me's into this earth?

Steve - I don't know how to answer that.

Me- The answer is yes.

  • Are you happy that you are a man and that you will never have to go through the pain and torture of pregnancy, labor, and child birth?

Steve - Sure. (followed by nervous laughter)

  • What's your favorite thing about being a dad?

Steve - Ahhhhhhhh (he's thinking about it) Um, when I come home and I see their smiles and when I get to play with them and have fun.

  • What do you think is the most important thing that you learned about being a dad, from your own dad?

Steve - Hmmmmmm..... (he's thinking about it) Hmmmmm..... (he's still thinking about it). I'll have to answer that one later. That's a hard one.

  • What do you hope for your children, when they are grown up?

Steve - Hahahah. That they learn to be good workers and to keep on smiling through the hard times.

Me - Um, hello! What about the Gospel and stuff?

Steve - Well, ya. I hope that they live the Gospel standards and that they will find the truthfulness of the Gospel by searching it for themselves. And, of course, by our examples.

  • What do you think the hardest thing is about being a dad?

Steve - Providing a living and saying "no" to things.

Me - Things?

Steve - Well when the kids see their friends or neighbors get stuff and I want them to learn to make goals and achieve them. No spoiled brats in our house!

  • Was it love at first sight, when you first laid your eyes on me? Tell the truth.

Steve - Hahahaha! Of course! Hahahaha! I thought, "now there's a women I could marry!"

Me - Whatever!

Steve - No, really! I thought, "There's a woman!"

Me - Yeah, you had better say yes. Your just saying that because you have to live with me.

  • Am I the woman of your dreams? Tell the truth.

Steve - Of course! Hahahaha! I dream about you and think about you all of the time.

Me - Yeah, I better be the women of your dreams.

Happy Father's Day to the Big Daddy, himself, Steve!

You are the man of my dreams and such a great dad!

Thank you for everything that you do!


Jennifer (the wife of your dreams)

Cody (eldest son, and soccer extraordinaire)

Conner (youngest son, cute baby)


  1. I would love to have listened to this in person. I love nervous laughter. What a guy you have! Hope Steve has a great dad day!!

  2. Interviewing is such a great idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. You guys are so cute! I love it!

  4. Men have such a different view than women! I am proud to have such an awesome brother. It's even better to watch him as a dad. I remember when he dislocated Cody's arm at the wrestling meet and how bad he felt. He couldn't figure out why Cody wouldn't sit still for 14 hours or so. DUH!!! I can't even sit still that long. It's hard to make it through 3 hours of church let alone an all day wrestling tournament!!and then there's us letting our kids wander the big Metra!!Wrestling parents have a bond and watch out for all the kids. It took us a while to learn but it's so worth it. I know Scott turned out to be the most awesome dad in the world. I never would have imagined he would be the kind of dad he is. Whenever he talks about any of the kids, his eyes sparkle like stars in the midnight sky. I love watching him and am thankful God gave him to me every day. Life is good!!!

  5. Hey, I am curious what all you had to do to get pregnant???? me?? I just went on the pill or the shots to not get pregnant and bam there I was pregnant!! Imagine that!!!

  6. Oh, Scuba Steve! I was just wondering when the little girl is coming into your family? Anytime soon???? I know you want another one. Who cares if you think you can't control the first two? We know we can't but what the hay!

  7. what a cute post!! Glad he had a great day :)

  8. K, I think I love Steve! Good idea about the questions, I think I'll have to sit Cody down and ask him a few things.

    It is crazy that our babies are the same age and we both have Cody's in our family! We're cool like that.


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