Thursday, May 29, 2008

And Then He Kissed Me! Part 3

"So do you think he's going to call you and cancel your next date?" my roommate asked.

"Probably." "He was nice, and he's hot, but I'm pretty sure I scared him off when I sprinted for the door after our date."

Then two days before the second date the phone rang.

Ring, ring


"Hello, hey how are you?" the manly voice on the other end of the phone asked?

It was "plumber guy"!

I tried to keep my cool and act like I wasn't obsessing whether he was going to call me or not.

"I'm good. How are you?" I replied.

"Good, good. I'm calling to let you know that I will pick you up around 7:00 on Friday. Is that okay?"

"Sounds good. I'll see ya then."

"Okay, well I'll see you. Bye."


I couldn't contain myself. He called! He called! He called! And he didn't cancel! Ooooooo, what should I wear?

Friday was finally here and after much thought and careful planning, I decided to go a little more casual and wore my cutest pair of jeans (the ones that made my butt look good, but not too large), a white tee with my new casual blazer and my brown boots. I primped for 2 hours, again, and made sure that every hair was in place. I looked good.

Knock, knock



There he was. That body had to be chiseled out of granite. And the jeans.... those lovely jeans. My heart fluttered with excitement. "Plumber guy" was the first guy that set my heart a-flutter like this. He was strong, quiet, and could be very intense at times. He was also one of the most humble people that I had ever met.

He walked me to his car and opened the car door for me. When he opened the car door for me, he said something in Korean to me. Tee hee hee hee. I giggled like a 12 year old school girl. I was a tard.

"So where is this institute party?" I asked.

"It's at the drive-in. They are having a barbecue then we are watching some movie with Drew Barrymore."

"Sounds good."

We got to the drive-in and joined everyone else in the party. "Plumber guy" shook the hand of one of the other guys and introduced me to him. Turns out "plumber guy" use to date his sister in high school. We talked a little to him and decided to walk around the drive-in parking lot while we were waiting for the food to cook. We talked about what happened with work that week and he asked about my home town in Wyoming. He talked about what he was studying at school and what his plans were for the future. It was nice to have a stroll around the parking lot and chit chat with him. Both of us were a little more relaxed and we managed to laugh a little more. I found that with every word he would say I was being sucked in more and more. I was starting to get attached.

When we got back to the party, we gathered our food and began to eat.

"Let's go eat in my car."


I wasn't going to argue. "Plumber guy" + Me + Drive-in + warm car = perfect kissing situation.

The movie started to show and then quickly became uncomfortable, due to a certain scene in the movie. "Plumber guy" started to squirm a little and I could feel my cheeks start to burn and turn red with embarrassment.

"Never mind about the perfect kissing situation," I thought.

"Are you in to this movie?" he asked.

"Not really."

"Do you want to leave?"


"Oh thank heavens," I thought. I was relieved to dodge that embarrassing bullet.

We drove around for a while and he showed me his old stomping grounds. He told me that he was a wrestler in high school and that he also played rugby. He also competed as a weight lifter! I KNEW he worked out! I wondered what he looked like in a speedo, as he struck the choreographed, muscle pumping, poses. Did he shave all of his body hair off? Did he use self tanner or did he tan in a tanning bed? He was a scrappy fella!

I was falling for him and I was falling for him hard. My mind would start to wonder and I would daydream about our temple wedding and how many kids we were going to have. 3 kids, 4 at the most. We will have to see. I would imagine me making his dinner every night and him greeting me with a kiss when he would come home from work. We were the Cleaver's. He was not like any other guy that I had dated before. He was better.

It was getting late and we decided to take me home. This date seemed to go a little better than first one. We talked a little more, we laughed a little, and we got to know one another a little more. As we got closer to my apartment, I started to worry about the door scene, again. I didn't want to make the same mistake that I made last week. I kept telling myself to take it easy... to just relax.

He parked his car and opened my car door. And like a bolt of lightening (Wapow!), I ran up the stairs and quickly unlocked my apartment door. I was such a tard. I did it again! "Plumber guy" must think I am repulsed by him. What's wrong with me?"

This time "plumber guy" was quick on his feet and followed me all the way up the stairs, as I bolted to my apartment door.

I was shaking with nervousness. Was he going to kiss me? Will the kiss just be a quick smooch on the lips? Will the kiss be a lingering one? Or will the kiss begin as a lingering kiss then lead into a French kiss? Maybe he will just go for the gold and jump right in to a French kiss. (He did just serve a mission ya know).

"Thanks for coming to the barbecue with me," he said.

"Thanks for asking me. I had a good time."

"Well, I'll see ya later."

"See ya later. Bye"


No kiss! Not even a hug? Not even a hand shake? "Ohhhhhh!!!! It's official.... he doesn't like me. He thinks I'm a dork," I thought to myself.

I slipped into my apartment and my roommate was waiting for me.

"So did he kiss you?"

"No! I blew it. I don't think he's going to call me again. I hope he calls me. Maybe he'll call me. Oh, I don't think he's going to call me. I really want him to call me again."

Jennifer still didn't receive her much anticipated first kiss with "plumber guy". Would he ever call her again? If so, how long would he wait to call her?


  1. Oh! This is soooo fun!! More, more, more!!!

  2. I had no idea about this 'love story' between you and Steve. And Steve used to comete in weight lifting? Didn't know that either!

    Can't wait for the next installment.

  3. Could you please post a full body shot of Plumber know, gotta judge for myself!!!

    Could you email me please?

  4. Steve just read my blog (shocker!) and he wanted me to let everyone know that he competed in 'body building', not weight lifting.


  5. I didn't know he was a rugby boy! They are tough and hot (maybe I'm a little partial to my own rugby boy!)...come one plumber guy go for it already!

  6. this is getting better. I'm so proud of him for keeping your virtue in tack!!!


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