Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August - wrap up

August flew by, but proved to be memorable!  Steve received a brand new, spankin', cop car!  It smells better (for the time being), and it's NEW!  I immediately purchased some nice smelling air fresheners to hopefully prevent the impending funk from filtering into his car.  It wasn't too long before his car was "baptized" by a stinky criminal.  Sick!

My little man, Beckham, was blessed on August 5th.  It was a very special day spent with our loved ones.  Steve gave a wonderful blessing and blessed him that he would be a positive light for his friends and family.  I love that! 
A year ago, if someone mentioned the thought or idea of me having another baby, I thought they were nuts!  What a difference a year makes.  I can't imagine my life with out Beckham!  Our lives have been so blessed with his arrival into our family.

Homer inherited his double chin from his momma.  It's a lot cuter on him.  On me... not so much.

August 14th was the big man on campus, 15th birthday!  Homey amazes me with his teenage antics!  My mother's revenge has come full circle.  I can remember countless number of times when the words, "I hope you have a child just like you!", came spewing out of her mouth.  Thank you mom.  Thank you.
Homey is now in the 9th grade and will be driving next year.  Have mercy!  The thought of this frightens me to the core.  He is extremely smart but at times lacks the brain cells to remember to actually turn in his homework on time!  This phenomenon astounds me.  We are hopefully this year will be different.
Homey's favorite things to do are:  eat, hang out with friends, and long board.  Yup, he's a teenager.  Love ya fat head!

Homey is ready for his first day of school!  Can you see the excitement?  His very being was exuding excitement!  I did help convince him that his first day of school would not be that horrible by bribing him with breakfast from Burger King.  Food + teenage boys = miracle worker.

I know that many of you have been wondering if Homeboy has toned things down, now that he's older and wiser.  He has not.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Brigham City Temple open house.  Such a beautiful temple!  I loved the chandeliers and loved the artwork through out the temple!


I am jealous of the beautiful flowers at the temple grounds.  For some odd reason, my family thinks our yard looks much more attractive if it resembles a junk yard, and jungle.  My poor yard lacks the tender love and care from moi.  I was not capable of weeding and mowing this year due to my large, pregnant, belly, and well, pain.  Next year, my dear yard.  Next year.

A question that I have been asked often is how Homeboy is dealing with the baby.  A while ago we were in the car driving, just the two of us, and I was telling him what our plans were for that evening.  We were to go to Uncle Larry's house and visit with their family.  He asked me if we had to take the baby.  "Of course!", I replied.  His response:  *scowling* "I hate that kid!"  What?!?!  How could he hate his baby brother!?!?!  I told him that the baby had never done anything to him!  He thought it over and then corrected his response.  "Oh, I don't hate the baby!  I hate Cody!" 
"Now that makes more sense!", I told him.
Things are going more smoothly and he has become quite "taken" with his baby brother.  Check out Homer!  He is almost as big as big brother Homeboy!  What a chub!
"Get in my belly!" 


  1. He is getting so chubby! I am still mad that I was unable to make it to his blessing. Not one of your kids was I able to attend, sorry. It is crazy that two of our kids were born just months apart though, don't you think?

  2. It is crazy that happened with two of our kids! And we didn't even plan it that way... especially me ;) But I'm loving the whole baby thing again. He will keep me young!


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