Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's fall, y'all!

It's fall y'all, and my favorite time of the year!  Tis the season of pumpkins, sweaters, and sugar!
October is the month when I loose my mind.  I become craft-consumed,
fall decor-consumed, and take on way too much.  It's a sickness.  It's genetic.  I blame my heritage.
Things I am working on this fall:
Cleaning... everything.  OCD.
Decorating... everything.   Don't be surprised if the toilet is decorated also. 
Crafting... alot.
Sewing... a ton.
Finishing... re-finishing my bakers rack.  Bottom half is done.  It's gorgeous.
Primary... baptisms, scouts, activity days, PRIMARY PROGRAM!
Baking... cookies, etc.  Bloating and weight gain is sure to be a result.
Exercising... everyday.  To ward off the above mentioned, bloating and weight gain.
and finally...
Finding the time to blog. 

Pumpkins.  I love them.  I'm considering seeking professional help, due to my odd fixation of pumpkins.  I would totally decorate all year with pumpkins, if it were appropriate.  Pumpkins as Christmas tree ornaments?  I can see it.

And speaking of baking cookies...

I have quite possibly found the most amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe, ever!

They are fluffy, fat, and chewy.  Just like me.  I found the recipe on Pinterest... another addiction. 

Check out the recipe here:

Best  Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Be sure to check back for a fun tutorial for my fabric pumpkins!

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  1. I LOVE Fall too!! I'm jealous of your ability to be able to craft this month. Happy crafting my friend!!


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