Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You say it's your birthday! It's my birthday too! - Part 1

Last Friday was me and Homeboy's birthday! 

"Celebrate good times!  C'mon!"

It was four years ago when Homeboy, forcibly, arrived on my birthday.  What I mean by forcibly, was by having him turned (ouch) because he was breach my entire pregnancy except for three days, then I was induced.  That little process actually happened the day before my birthday.  I must say, that was the most memorable birthday, ever!  And the best!

I have to admit this birthday was a little bitter, for me.  I had talked to my mom on the phone earlier in the week, and she asked, "How old are you going to be, again?"  When I told her, I heard her gasp and then I heard her gulp.  You know you're getting old when you get that reaction from your own mother.  But I know what she was thinking.  She was thinking she can't believe she has a child that old and that her baby is getting older!  Right, mom?  Right? 

And just to let you know how old I am...

I am now in my last year of my thirties. 

Gasp.  Gulp.

Last Friday, this creature appeared in front of my house, again.  Just like last year.  Homeboy kept asking me, "Why is a scarecrow here?  We don't need the birds scared!  We like the birds!"

I know, my son.  I know.  Why?  Why!?!?!?! (shaking fist up at the heavens)

Oh well, it's the thought that counts.  Despite the nightmares that may have come to pass, that night.

This year we had some visitors help celebrate our birthdays!  My parents came from good 'ol Wyoming and my younger brother and his family traveled from Colorado to Logan, Ut. so he could run a marathon there.

Nuts I tell ya!  Nuts!  There he is, crossing the finish line.  This was his third marathon and I have to admit it... I shed a tiny tear when he finished.  And I may have felt my heart swell a time or two, while watching him.  Dork.

And here is my dork, brother, moments after finishing the marathon.  Bloody nips and all.

After the race we all went to Maddox to celebrate and then Homeboy got to open some of his gifts.  

The SWAT uniform is from Grandma and Grandpa Parry.  I think he has taken on the role of SWAT officer a little too serious.  I've been cuffed numerous times, already.

I must admit, even though my birthday is no longer priority with in my family... I am so lucky to share it with my silly boy!  I cannot believe he is already four and I panic a little just thinking about him getting older.  He is witty, clever, smart, silly, and sometimes moody.  He loves to play outside, especially in undies.  *sigh*  He is a momma's boy and I secretly enjoy this.  He loves his big brother and also loves to tease him.  We love ya Conner, boy!

I can't believe my baby is four!




  1. Happy happy birthday! To both of you! And YEAH for your brother - that's an awesome accomplishment!

  2. I thought the scary lady was gone! I didn't get it for my b-day. haha. I guess you're just lucky. Happy birthday! I love the party and the SWAT stuff. I really wanted to see the balloon uterus. Bummer.


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