Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You say it's your birthday! Part 2

For some odd reason, I like to torture myself.  Homeboy's birthday was not only celebrated on the day of his birth, but through the entire weekend and Monday.  It's a sickness.

I made a banner out of burlap and I used Heat-n-Bond to apply the letters of Homeboy's name on the pennants.  Cute!  I'm going to put the banner in his room once I get around to re-decorating it.  Someday.  Some year.  Some time.

Tissue paper and burlap pom poms.  Awesome.

The "spread".  The pennants on the front of the table spell "Grub".

I love a Cowboy theme!

I made a WANTED sign to take pictures of each of the criminals that attended Homeboy's little shin-dig.  I burned the edges of the sign to make it look authentic.  Then I decided to try to burn a little hole to the side of the word WANTED.  The sign quickly went up in flames.  Nice.  While hosing the sign down, the smoke alarms started to go off and chaos ensued.  Actually, not really.  There was more chaos going on, on my end.   I expected my hubs to jump out of our bed and come to my rescue.  Not so much.  After the Flames of Death were controlled, I went to explain my actions to him.   He was not concerned.  He was not shocked.  His reaction was, blah.  He said, "Got a little carried away, huh?"  It was as if he knew I was up to one of my crazy projects.  Turd.

Angry eyes!

Check out Homeboy... I told him to look mean and angry.  Like all of the times when I tell him "NO".  Instead, he looks like a lil, cherub, angel.  Figures.  He can be deceiving that way.

Below these cute, mugshots, the sign reads: 


Wanted for disturbing the peace, streaking, and bad behavior!
(this is my reality, on a daily basis)

I found the idea to fill balloons with candy and prizes on Pinterest and then have the children pop the balloons with darts!  I tried to place the balloons in the shape of a cowboy hat on the board, it ended up looking like a uterus.  The kids loved this and everyone's eyes are still in their proper places.

Homey even got in on the games.  What a stud muffin.  And check out "Pectoral Man"! 

Homeboy and his cake!  "Pectoral Man" picked out the cake.  He picked out chocolate cake with white frosting.  He has fantasies about this cake.  The man loves chocolate, so much so, I think he may have a hidden ovary somewhere in his guts.

Homeboy raked in the birthday goods this year.  He has been asking for a bike for months and much to his delight, we just happened to have one hidden in the trunk of our car for almost two months!  He still has not mastered the science of riding a bike and so far, despises the bike.  In his own words he says, "Stupid bike!  I can't do it!  I hate da bike!"

In due time, I'm sure he will master the bike riding thing and I'm positive I will be chasing him down the rode as he pedals furiously, in the buff.  Just like his Uncle Larry.

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  1. Jen,
    I love the burlap pom pom. Tell me how you did it. I'm burlap obsessed right now. Just tried burning some yesterday for a Halloween craft.


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