Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool - It's going to be a glorious school year!

(Look at the innocence!  My Lil Love Lump!)

Today was Conner's first day of pre-school!  There was much rejoicing throughout the land and in our humble abode.

I (oops), I mean Conner, is especially thrilled for pre-school!  It's three days a week and I (oops), I mean Conner, has begun planning the fun and exciting things we will be doing during pre-school.

He loved his first day and I'm loving seeing him so happy and learning!  He is one lucky kid because his teacher for pre-school is also his teacher for Primary!  (I already pre-apologized to Misty.)  There is a special place in heaven for his teacher because she is so patient, kind, humble, and talented.

Have I told you that it's going to be a glorious school year?


  1. So does that mean you didn't cry when he left your side??? A golorious day indeed!

  2. did you do a happy dance?? ;)


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