Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Did This - More cute girl stuff, because I live with ALL boys.

Whenever I make something cute and girly, my loins begin to ache for a baby girl.  Why must I age?  Why must my uterus be incompetent?  Why does my almost-4 year old BOY continue to sneak outside with no clothes on?  Why are there unsightly hairs sprouting from parts of my body that were never meant to sprout these dark, whisker-y, hairs?  Why?!?!?!  Why?!?!?!
Luckily, I have nieces and friends that have baby girls to help fill in my "baby girl urges" gaps!
My niece Raegan turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and I thought she would look adorable in the matching, apron with ruffles, the chef's cap, and an oven mitt, ensemble.
Be still my heart, I love this apron!

Admire the cute fabrics!

And, oh my heck... Can you stand it?!?!  I found this cute eyelet lace, with cherries, to be trim on this cute ensemble!  It's details like this, that complete me.

Um, I'm pretty sure I would be a better cook or baker if I had an oven mitt like this.  It's magic that way.

I've decided to start an Etsy shop and I have been busy creating a small stock-pile of items to sell in it.  I'm thinking I may have to include the above items!


  1. Cute stuff!! I can't wait to see your etsy shop! Create away.

  2. Oh Jen!! This is so dang CUTE!! I can't wait to see your shop too :)


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