Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swiss Days Finds

Last weekend I was able to attend Swiss Days with my friend, Lori!  Nothing pleases me more than row after row of booths full of crafty items, lil ol men in lederhosen, and yodeling!  Yoda-lay-heeee-whooooo!

Below are some of the items that I purchased.  They are lovely.  

How much do you love this momma, bird's, nest, necklace?!?!?!  I birthday gifted this necklace to myself.  It's what I have to do now, since I share my birthday with Homeboy.  It's no longer my day!  Oh no!  It's alllllll about him!  So selfish! 

I'm kidding.  I love to share the birthday love with him!

My friend Lori, talked me into purchasing this necklace.  She is evil that way.  However, I do LOVE it!  I've already worn it twice and have received many compliments! 

Check out the blurry details!  (I never claimed to be a great photographer)
I love the ballerina dancer.

One of my favorite purchases was this giant, rod-iron, pumpkin!  I absolutely LOVE pumpkins!  They hold a special place with in my heart.  As soon as my eyes laid on this glorious globe, I had a vision...

"Hark!  I shall place this pumpkin on the landing, on my front door steps (outside)!  I shall adorn this beauty with fallish-colored ribbons and leaves and don a large candle, nestled on top of more leaves, inside of it!"


I may stick some brightly, Halloween-type, ribbons on the stem and call it good.  It all depends on my mood.

I have loved being able to attend the Swiss Days festivities!  I'm amazed at the creativity and fun items that I see.

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