Sunday, October 10, 2010

The witch is in

When I went to Swiss Days, last month, the "hot item" seemed to be some cute decked out brooms. Every where you looked, there was a broom!
I didn't want to spend my money on a broom when I already had a broom and a witch hat at home. So, of course, I copied the idea and decked out my own broom.
Everyone knows that one of the main reasons to attend the Swiss Days is to copy ideas (so wrong!), and to partake of the awesome people watching. Oh yes, this year's Swiss Days events did not disappoint!

I bought my plain-old broom from Walmart a few years ago and painted the broom handle orange. Then I wrapped black electrical tape every 2 inches or so, from the top to the bottom of the handle. I then lightly spray-painted the bristles of the broom, black. I used a damp sea sponge, dipped in orange and black paint to lightly sponge paint the handle.

I purchased the witches hat last year and painted two orange stripes on the pointy part then used a sea sponge dipped in orange and glow in the dark paint to lightly sponge paint the hat.

This year, I added the orange and black tulle, the polka-dot ribbon/bow, then glued a bat ornament to the hat.

I found this cute, black and orange, beaded spider web at Tai Pan and the big spider at J&J Nursery! Could you just die at the cuteness!
Finally, I sewed a simple draw-string bag, and then glued AND sewed the "Potions" label on to the bag. I used some rubber stamps to make the word "Potions" on some Muslim then glued it onto a piece of burlap.
And there you have it, a semi-original Halloween decoration, from yours truly...Jen (a.k.a. plagiarist)
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  1. It is to die for!!! I want one!! It is so cute!!

  2. Aren't those things out so you CAN sopy them?? That was my assumption. I love it. It's darling!

  3. Sooo stinkin' cute! I love that you "lightly sponge painted" the various parts. You pretty much rule. That's cool that you stamped the letters on the potions bag...what a great idea!


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