Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swiss Days! Yoda-lay-heee-hoooo!

This past Labor Day weekend, me and my friend Lori made the trek to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah. Oh how I love Swiss Days! Where else can you see hoards of women make their way to the Utah hills to purchase truck loads of fun, homemade, crafts, partake of Swiss entertainment of little old men donning Lederhosen and yodeling (they were cute, also), and gorge on hot scones?
Midway, Utah is beautiful! And from what I have heard, many of the Pioneers from Switzerland, that settled there, claimed that the area reminded them of their homes, in Switzerland.
I was ready to get my "yodel" on, once we parked in the dirt parking lot/cow pasture.
"Hodl-Ay-EE-Dee! Ohh-dee-Ay! Ohh-dee-Ay!" (that would be my pathetic version of Yodelling)

Lori and I, partook of one of my favorite hobbies - people watching. It was a mecca of Swiss Maids, Lederhosen, and what I like to call certain humanoids..."Special Spirits".
"Look! A Swiss Maid eating a Navajo Taco!" The Swiss Day's people are not afraid to cross cultural boundaries when it comes to eating fried bread and taco meat!
Some of the Swiss Day's patrons shopped til they dropped. And some just "hung out". In more ways than one. I highly recommend the young lady below consider purchasing some of the much seen, Lederhosen suspenders.

Some of the festival's "Special Spirits" stuck out like a sore thumb. (above, right)
Are there female escorts in Swiss Days?
I'm sorry. I must repent. The guilt is eating me up inside. But you should have seen her from the front! Whoa!

Hmmmm... the commandment - Thou Shalt Not Judge, seems to have entered into my mind.

I was admiring the above festival go-er, (in all black), from behind. His tan, physique! His Broad shoulders, and bulging biceps! And then he turned around. "Arnold" turned out to be 50 times my age. Grandpa's got game!

Homeboy also came along for the Swiss Days festival. The highlight for him was riding on the shuttle bus.

Here he is in "bus heaven". Forget Christmas gifts! We'll catch a ride on the bus, instead!

"I widin' da bus!"

And here he is partially waving bye-bye to the bus and throwing a fit at the same time.
To sum things up... Swiss Days rocked! Many crafty items were purchased, the "people watching" was prime, and fun memories were made!
And I acquired an awkward stripe of sunburn on my upper chest due to my double chin providing much shade on my neck and a nice dirt-line on my feet. Yup, that's not all a tan-line on my foot, people! So gross.


  1. I've only been to Swiss Days once but I totally loved it. I'm glad that you got to go! I love people watching too and I'm trying to cut back on it (the guilt is too much!!). Niiiice lines!!

  2. You are hilarious!! I love people watching too! It is the best! Swiss days was a blast though! I will be going back every year from now on! By the way, Conner looks so much like Cody in that picture on the bus! So cute!


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