Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A birthday to remember!

Last Thursday, Homeboy and I celebrated our birthdays! Woohoo! Party on man!

Homeboy celebrated his 3rd birthday and I celebrated my 28th. And yes I am aware that would make me only the age of 15 when my oldest son was brought forth, unto this earth. I was young, and me and my husband were in love... You know how it goes.

Okay, not really. I lied. On Sunday, the children in Primary, sang to me and one of our devoted teachers - Happy Happy Birthday, Children Dear. I was secretly impressed with the phrase "Children Dear", when those lovely words were sung to us. One of the Primary children asked how old I was. In response, I replied, "Twenty-five!" The children believed me and still thought that was old. The adults - not so much. I'm positive I even heard some chuckling. Once I was home from our Sunday service, I began to feel guilty that I had the gall to lie to the innocent children in our ward, about my age. And in the House of the Lord, no less! I have no shame. I'm a horrid example.

Last week was not only monumental because of our birthdays, but it will forever go down in history as one of the busiest weeks. EVER. Among planning birthday celebrations and such, it was our ward's Primary Program on Sunday. Oh the nerves that I felt previous to the program! It turned out flawless and I could not have been happier with the children! I'm beyond thankful for them. Once the program was over, I threatened to turn "cartwheels of joy" in the hallways of the church. Then I feared I would be caught by the Bishop and the mental images of me became so disturbing, I came to the conclusion it would not be appropriate.

This pretty lady landed on my front doorstep, the day previous to my birthday. I have named her, Regina. Our ward's Relief Society Presidency has quite the way in celebrating our birthdays! Regina brought much entertainment those couple of days! A couple of people nearly crashed into my mailbox, as they were driving by, and a few children ran home to their mothers, as they caught a glimpse of Regina on my doorstep. The fear in their eyes, said it all. I caught Homeboy standing on the steps leading up to the doorway, just staring at her outward beauty.

However, I must say... the craftsmanship is outstanding! Regina was even wearing pearls!

Sadly, Regina's stay was short lived and I shed a tear as she suddenly disappeared from my doorstep. Now I am contemplating whether I should thank the Relief Society Presidency or send them my therapy bill. I was truly touched that they acknowledged me on my birthday!

(Regina even dons a delicate bust-line!)

There were a couple of times when Regina startled me. Especially at night. Her shadow-y figure provided much protection from any bad people, with naughty intentions, from breaking in. Eat your hearts out, ADT Home Security Systems!
In the end, Regina provided me with some laughs, some excitement, and protection. But most of all, she provided me with a feeling of happiness. Happiness in knowing that the lovely ladies in my ward care about me and love me on that one particular day. Which,I am sure we all secretly long to feel special on. Even though we would like to ignore the fact that we have just turned 28. (ahem. clears throat. looks down to avoid eye contact)


  1. Glad you enjoyed Regina's stay, too bad I'm so on top of the game last time I left her on someone's doorstep for over a week! She CAN NOT come back to my house the kids have tooooo much fun with her!

  2. Sounds like a whole lotta nice birthday! I saw one of the other birthday ladies on someone else's porch today. Still frightening!

  3. LOL!! Ok, I am laughing and smiling here. I am glad you and your son had a wonderful b-day!! I miss seeing Regina pop into my rearview mirror as I back out of my driveway. I must admit, she startled me a few times as well. FUN, FUN, FUN!! :) Happy Birthday again!!

  4. That is a cute idea for birthdays. Maybe around here the poor thing would get molested with all the freaks we have down here.

  5. I think that it is so sweet for the RS Pres. to put something on your doorstep to celebrate your birthday. Even if it is a bit startling. hmmm... Glad you had such a happy birthday!!! And that Connor's went so well!


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