Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal challenge

I've come to a decision. It's not a monumental decision. It's not a decision that will change my life, but it's a decision that I feel could help me. I've decided to challenge myself to return my old blogging frequency. I'm hoping it will lift my spirits. Remember how I use to post ridiculous things from my past, and about my ocd tendencies? I miss those days.
This past year has been difficult for me as a mother. Oh don't get me wrong... I love being a mom to my two boys! But you see, I seem to have given birth to a Tasmanian devil. A beast-child. Never, did I ever imagine that these last two years of his life would have been the most difficult I have ever encountered, so far. Homeboy can now take off the childproof door knob thingys. My husband tried to superglue the one on Homey's bedroom door and he managed to rip it off within hours. I have found myself unable to do anything. And I am not kidding. Today he glued his legs, the kitchen counter top, and some of the wood floor. While I am cleaning that mess, he quickly moves on to the next mess. I have cleaned every wall in my house at least 3-4 times, each, since April. He's my artist. I have to be "on guard" at all hours of the day. While I went to the laundry room to retrieve some pants from the dryer, he quickly got into my church bag and colored some pretty pictures in the RS role binder. He doesn't sleep, he never stops, and to make matters worse... he so stinkin' cute.
I'm mentally exhausted.
I need to feel funny again. I need to feel like my old self, by golly! So even if it takes me having to tie Homeboy to the leg of the kitchen table, to get things done around here, well then so be it! (don't worry. I'm sure Homeboy will be able to free himself from his tethers within minutes. He'll chew his way through the rope.)
Wish me luck. Pray for me. And if you happen to be a boyscout, I need a refresher course on tying knots.


  1. I completely agree. You need to feel like you old self again...the momma that didn't have to cringe every time you tried to do something besides follow a child 24/7. He is darling...and I know that saves his life very day. I'm welcome you back with open arms, I miss your funny!

    I'd love to see the pinwheels that you made today!!

  2. You are always fun Jen. I feel so lucky to be able to get to know you better through church, but we should do something fun outside of discussing how to get through the next week... you're too funny to have to be serious all the time... I used to be kind of funny too, maybe someday the laughs will return, for right now, let's try and smile through the tears....;)

  3. I know what you mean. I use to be funny and witty. Now I am just boring. I use to be able to hear myself think and write nice things that made others feel good. Now with kids I am such a scatter brain. I am lucky if I have 1 minute of being able to think without the chatter and whine of my kids that something is happening. Good luck to you! And HUGS! I hope you feel yourself again soon.


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