Monday, June 14, 2010

Painful lessons for Homeboy

Some of life's lessons can be a bit painful to learn. Especially if you happen to be a certain two and half year old little boy.
(press play to view Homeboy's confession)
That's right folks... Homeboy decided to jam a key into the plug. Are you shocked? I'm not! It was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time. Heck, I'm pretty sure jamming a key into a plug was on his "to do" list, for the day.
Dumping a jar of parsley, and flushing ANOTHER pair of his socks down the toilet, was also on his "to do" list.
I'm being punished. I don't know why - but I am.
Observe the evidence from the above, video, taped, confession...
Notice the black, charred, markings on the key ring and caribeaner thingy.
The "shocking incident" occurred between the hours of 2pm and 3pm. I was busy caring for my home and family, (ahem. I was eating a cookie in the kitchen) when suddenly a loud "POP" infiltrated our residence. It was quickly followed by the whalings of pain, from Homeboy. I knew immediately what had transpired in the living room.
Homeboy then proceeded to tell me that he was shot. I observed his fingers and noticed the same black, charred, markings that were left on the keys. He then continued to tell me that he was shot in the head, his arm, his fingers, his leg and finally, his toes. It is apparent that the electrical current traveled through his arm and made an electrifying path down through his toes. He repeatedly told me, "the keys went pop! The keys went pop!"
After Homeboy received the necessary first aid (kisses on the booboos), I went to the living room to survey the damage. Luckily there were no burn marks on the wall, but the keys were still jammed into the plug. It required an emergency call to my cop-husband to come and risk his own life and limbs to dislodge the keys. Subsequently, everything is fine and the hubs is still able to man handle, law-breaking scum bags. This is due to the fact that we no longer have ANY electricity in the living room.
Homeboy (the defendant) was immediately scolded for sticking sharp, metal, objects into plugs and was then comforted and hugged, by his mommy.
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  1. Wooooooooow. You've got your hands full with that one. Always an adventure. But hey, at least he knows how to spice things up along the way (what, with the paprika incident and also the parsley). Funny he said he was 'shot'. Perhaps it's a lesson he won't have to learn twice.

    Isn't being the new Primary president ENOUGH? You must have a kid who sticks metal things in outlets too?

  2. Oh Dear...LOL!! Haven't had that happen here, but I am sure it's bound to happen as well. Good luck with the little defendant there!

  3. Took him a while to do that one huh!! Brock did that at about the age of one!!! I am glad that he is alright though. Probably much harder on mom I would guess. LOL

  4. Hahahahahaaa!! I have to admit that I'm still laughing from this post!! (But only because I know that Homeboy is fine, except for some charring.) That is hilarious that he said that he was shot!! Y'all DO watch a lot of cop shows, huh!?! That totally stinks that you have no power in the living room, but that was totally the icing on the cake of your story! Soooo funny! (But only if it happens in someone else's life.)

    You totally deserve a break!

  5. Man that kid has got it in for you. Test test test. I can see how you can never sleep :) even when the kid's sleeping I wonder what he is dreaming up in his head to torture him momma with the next day.

    Good luck with that one!

  6. OH MY GOSH!! Maybe that shocked some of the curiostiy out of him.

  7. Ooooh dude, is this in my future? I can't take it. I've already killed two spiders (one in EACH of my boys rooms and each spider was RIGHT by their head) and since our home is under construction, I fear that an electrical incident is just around the corner...ugh, I think I will join you for a cookie in the kitchen!


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