Thursday, June 10, 2010

Felt Pizza - mmmmmm

Last Sunday the Primary kids, in our ward, started a Summer Scripture Reading Program. Each week they are assigned a few scriptures to read and then they are to report back to us the following Sunday. Our goal is to "make" a pizza by the end of the summer and the reward will be a pizza party!

We will keep track of our Primary's progress with shoe prints that the kids can color, sign, and cutout, and they can place on a special wall that we have decorated. Once they have placed the shoe prints on the wall they get to pick a "topping" to put on the pizza, to help build it.
I made the pizza out of felt and placed it in an empty pizza box that we got for free from some pizza joint.
The crust is 16 inches and I made it by cutting out 2 circles, sewed all around it, being sure to leave about an 8 inch opening, so that I could turn it inside out. Then I turned it inside out.
Next I cut a 16 inch circle from quilt batting and place it in between the "crust" layers. I hand stitched the opening shut, then top stitched a circle approximately 1 1/2 inches from the edge of the pizza crust, making the crust. Then I top stitched lines to make the individual pieces.
Then I cut out individual felt pieces for the sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and peppers. The olives I just cut out small circles then folded them in half and cut out a small piece from the center, being sure not to cut through the "olive".
To make the peppers I cut out circles, folded them in half and cut out a smaller circle in the center. Then I hot-glued four edges together then I turned the "pepper" inside out to make the clover-like shape. Tah dah!
I am officially addicted to making felt foods! There are so many cute patterns (waffles, cupcakes, sack lunch, and even sushi!!!) Sushi, I tell ya! It's to die for! And I don't even have a girl. That just means I will get to play with my fake, felt, food, by myself. Because I am pathetic like that. And I don't care who knows about it.
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  1. i think you're the most creative person ever!

  2. Cute! I'm in the Primary Presidency and I'll have to remember this fun idea.

  3. That it so cute!!! I would read the scriptures just to be able to put a topping on the pizza!

  4. My jaw is seriously on the floor. You amaze me with your talent!! Everything you make is really amazing Jenn!

    I LOVE your pizza! And I agree, the felt food ideas are endless and oh-so-fun. When you're done playing will all of your masterpieces send them my way - Andi would love them (and so would Jacob and I ;)

  5. You are SOOO stinkin' creative, my friend!!


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