Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conversations with Conner

After weeks of neglecting my blog, I am back! Did you miss me? Were you longing for a blog update from moi?

Well I am back to redeem myself!

Unless, I become preoccupied with my many projects again. It happens.

Being a parent can be arduous, at times. Especially to a toddler, such as mine. But I have to tell ya, there are memorable moments sprinkled here and there, each day, that makes me smile. And even snort out loud! Especially with the dialog that Conner shares with us (and everyone else, within hearing radius).

The majority of our days, me and Conner's conversations consist of me yelling, "Conner, no! No, Conner! No! No, no! Conner!"

If you insert Conner's name in place of the name of David, I could quote the children's story No David!, verbatim.

Homeboy keeps me on my toes.

I have found that disciplining Conner with verbal threats or phrases are useless. Conner is not one to back down from such idol threats. Oh no! His response usually consists of a scowl on his face, pointing his finger at me (or anyone else, for that matter) and yelling, "No! Go way!"
It's these moments when he feels my heart full of pride! Especially when he displays this attitude during church. Not.

Conner got into the Desitin. Again. Shocker, I know.
This was his reaction, right after I voiced my disappointment and told him he had to help clean up the mess.
He may not show it, but I'm sure under that devil-ish smile, he is feeling remorse and pity for his poor mother, that suffer-eths so.

If anyone tries to force hugs and kisses on him, he will wriggle and squirm and say over and over, "Goff me! Goff me!"

And then there are the moments when he means business. Just the other day, my dad tried to tickle him and give him a hug.

Whoa to all, who attempts to snuggle the toddler, Conner, when he is grumpy! (this should be a commandment)

Poor Grandpa didn't know the wrath that was about to hit him. Conner started with his usual threats of, "Goff me! Goff me!", but Grandpa is hard of hearing and did not relent. Well that did it and Conner shook his fist up at the heavens and yelled, "I se-we-ious! I se-we-ious!"

I'm sorry, but that's just funny.

Having a conversation with Conner can also be an emotional roller coaster.

It can start off with a point of the finger and a scowl on his face... being deep in thought

... to bursts of laughter when dad tickles him in just the right spot.

Every day Conner's little brain is absorbing more and more and I'm amazed at how he is growing and how he views the world around him.

I can't help but smile every time I hear, "I did it!" from some corner of our home or "Welcome!" whenever this little character is told thank you or good job!

I love him. And I'm SE-WE-IOUS!


  1. There's no doubt that it's the cute moments and when they are asleep that keep them alive as long as we do. He is cute. And I do feel your pain!

  2. HAHHAAA! Thank goodness for the funniness of toddlers - to make up for the mayhem. The "I se-we-ious!" part cracked me up! And him shaking his finger at you!?!? Funny! Hang in there Jen - I'm sure that one day when he has a child of his own he'll look back at this time in his life and you'll say, "THIS is why I cursed you with a son just like you!!" So glad you are keeping a record of his "dirty deeds."

  3. What a cutie! I was looking at him in church on Sunday and he looked so stinkin cute! I don't know how you ever get mad at him! :)

  4. He really is too cute and that giggle, how can you get mad at that?

  5. He is quite the character. I think it would have been funny if he and Whitley would have hit that guy in the back with that horse at Applebees. It's too bad we don't live closer so they can play more. I think they would be hilarious!

  6. haha that is so funny! "I'm se-we-ious!" that's the best! I can picture it now. I am sure him and Jaimen are one of the same :) makes me happy to hear your stories and know that I am not alone, except your is younger and it just gets worse, so I miss those younger naughty days :)

    I sure missed you blogging, although I am way behind on reading blogs... but catching up.

    Sweet, and Naughty boys are so fun!


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