Saturday, April 17, 2010

Owning it

A couple of nights ago I made a mistake. A monumental mistake. I didn't want to admit it, at first, because, you know, it's that pride thing.

This "mistake" is so ridiculous, it will take at least 6 weeks for things to kinda go back to normal. Yup, it's that serious.

And the recipient of my "mistake" has yet to forgive me. It has affected him socially, emotionally, and I'm sure some other word ending in 'ly'. He's even resorted to blackmailing me as a result of my "mistake".

I'm not sure I will ever recover from this. The guilt is eating me up inside!
Immediately after the "mistake" happened, I tried to down-play it. "It's not that bad. Really, you can't even tell!"

Then I tried to put the blame on the victim. (I have no shame when it comes to making me feel better about my stupidity)

"It's not all my fault! You kept bugging me to do it! Oh sure, it was my idea, but still... you wanted me to do it!"
(see what I mean...shameless)

The above scenario has been repeated for the last couple of days and finally something happened...

Homeboy (Conner) handed me a Christmas CD and asked me to put it in my 'lil under-cabinet stereo system, so that he could bust a move. He struck a pose as he anticipated The Twelve Days of Christmas to blare from the stereo, but nothing emerged. No Mannheim Steamroller. No Mo-Tab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir). Just scratchy noises.

I tried another CD and again, notta. My mind quickly came to the conclusion of what happened to my beloved stereo... CONNER. Enough said. And just to re-affirm my conclusion, I asked him about it.

"Conner, did you break mommy's stereo?"

His response - "Yup!"

And then he turned around and went back to watching Sponge Bob.

So there you have it. There were no excuses. There wasn't any putting the blame on someone else. Oh no! Homeboy totally owned up to it. The little turd.

That's when I knew that I needed to do the right thing and own up to my monumental mistake.

A couple of nights ago, I attempted to "highlight" Homey's hair. And totally failed!

That's right! I did it! I failed! I'm ownin' it! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!

(his hair now resembles a shade of a yellowish-orangeish hue. With spots of light brown. The pictures don't do it any justice.)

I'm feeling it! I'm feeling the love from this boy!

My pre-teen is devastated. He actually wore his hood while walking to school and according to him, was mocked and ridiculed. But I'm kinda thinking he isn't scarred for life.
So if you happen to come upon my oldest fruit of my loins, I am begging you to not look directly at his head. Spare him (okay, and me) the humiliation. And as far as the blackmailing thing...nice try kid. It ain't working.


  1. Poor guy. Can you fix it? Remind him that bueaty is painful and when it involves your hair, it will always grow back/out! He'll be back to normal in no time. Just make sure you have lots of pictures to show his future kids!

  2. It doesn't look that bad, really! At least boys hair grows really fast!

  3. Isn't it so funny that boys are so into their hair now?!?! I'm sorry but that makes me laugh. Hey, at least you tried! And you could just cut it really short and he could tell his friends that it is just getting too hot.

    I'm sorry your cd player got Connered - that stinks!!!

  4. Uh oh! Oh well! Boys hair can be trimmed faster than a girls ;) I don't think it looks bad! I was sitting behind you guys in Church and didn't see anything unusual about his hair.
    Bummer about your CD player! It's hard to keep things in perfect order when you have cute little stinkers running around the house. We have had many things turn up broken or scratched from the kids playing around with stuff.

  5. Oh my goodness (do I ever NOT open my comment with omg?), how I have missed your blog!! You are hysterical, I have no idea why we don't lunch on a regular basis. I would like you to teach me how to make pillows because the ones you sewed a few posts back are TO DIE FOR. As usual, I'm positive that we're raising the same toddler. And you know what? Hair grows out, it fades, no one will remember and until then? He needs to rock it. Mohawk, mullet, what have you - he needs to own his fancy hair. You heard me - fancy.

  6. Awe that's the worst when your a pre-teen, you just messed up his life! haha I kid I kid. But seriously shave his head, or take him to the hairdresser, he will thank you for days! In the meantime, it really is funny so laugh it up, he will when he gets older :)


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