Saturday, March 27, 2010

I did this!

I've realized that I have stooped to a level of hideous proportions with my last post. The fact that I even took a picture of our poo smeared television is bad enough, but then I posted it on my blog. My mom is mortified and is wondering where she went wrong.

I do have to say that my reaction to Conner's "art-work" was quite subdued. Surprising for me. But the gag reflexes were in full force. Ick. And I did get sympathy from the hubs. You know it's good to rack up those points on you and your husband's imaginary score cards, ladies!

So in order for me to regain some of my dignity, I thought I'd share some pictures of some decorative throw pillows that I sewed for my downstair's couch.

All of these pillows cost me a total of $25 to make. Not bad when one pillow, from Target, costs $25!

I think this is my favorite pillow. I love the color orange and I love the felt flower. It brings a smile to my face during those moments when I am forced to clean poo off of a tv.

I actually bought this material to make a skirt for me. I'm now reconsidering on sewing the skirt because I feel kinda stupid that I will have a matching pillow.
This dark, orange, linen, combined with the leaf, adorned, wooden, buttons make this pillow have an organic feel to it.
I'm kidding! Organic. So artsy-fartsy. So stupid.
Pillows are so fun to sew! And talk about a quick way to brighten your decor!
I hope your opinion of me and my disgusting post has softened. And if it hasn't, I'm willing to buy your affection by sewing a pillow for you. 'Cause my self-esteem is cool like that.
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  1. So cute, I can't even decide which one I like the best.

  2. Love them. And pillows are an easy way to brighten a room. If you want a project, come help with my family room. My walls are getting there, but the fluff stuff is lacking greatly.

    And the poo incident just makes you real. Very real. And as a fellow gagger, my reflexes rejoiced with yours.

    A skirt that matches a would be an amazing gal if you did that. Just go ahead and do it. I love that fabric.

  3. Jen, I think you're amazing on all levels. That Conner is a whirl wind! I can't believe the things he does to you! It's like he's saying "yeah, I'm the last one you want RIGHT MOM!!! RIGHT?!?!?!" You're pillows are gorgeous and I only hope to ONE DAY be able to craft as you craft. You kick craft a__! (shh don't tell anyone I alluded to a swear word)

  4. I'll take all three please, Vanna!


    You know how talented I think you are. If I was rich I'd put you to good use and keep you for myself and never share. And my house would be beautiful, immaculate and well-decorated.

    In the meantime, however, I have two buttons I need sewing on. Yes. I'm pathetic. I get it. I even tried to find a needle and thread and couldn't. Lame.

  5. Oh my heck! I love them!!!! You are amazing!!

  6. They are all so cute!!! I need to do something like that for my couches, too!

  7. I LOVE all of your pillows! The flower one is my favorite one too. You are the kid of seamstress that I want to be. Your attention to detail is awesomely great. If you want another project you can come over and help me make my living room pretty - it's naked! (Not little boy naked though;)

    I laughed out loud about the poo. I love your blog because it's real. Really funny too!

    I say that you go ahead and make that skirt - just don't carry the pillow around with you when you wear it - haha.

  8. Love them! I only wish that one day I could be as talented as you :)

  9. LOVE your pillows, Jen! I would love some of your craftiness pillows sitting on my new couch set in the "Home Teachers" room.
    In case you feel the urge to make more.....just sayin' ;)


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