Monday, February 15, 2010

Change is in the air

Change is in the air and it comes in the form of puberty. Oh, not with me! Been there, done that. It's with this kid, of mine. And it's freaking me out!

No longer does his sweet voice match his sweet face. These past few months, a noticeable change has occurred with Homey. His face is still sweet, but the voice...

Oh! The voice! It now resembles a Barry White voice. Deeper, yet odd. It's all foreign to me. Sometimes, disturbing. So disturbing I have to tell him to "just not talk".

(Barry is a smooth operator... in his velvet jacket)

It mainly freaks me out because I know that, sooner, rather than later, arm pit hairs will begin to sprout. Growth spurts will occur and overnight he will be sporting shorty, short jeans (floods, which are a pet peeve of mine). His now blond peach fuzz, on his face, will turn into a darker, coarser, fuzzy worm on his top lip. And heaven help me if a chest hair suddenly appears. I just can't handle it!

What really worries me are the future challenges he will begin dealing with. Homey registers for the big, bad Junior High this week. And everyone knows that means kids exhibiting pda (public displays of affection), cussing, substance abuse, girls, and hormones. Hormones! Oh the horror!

Homey once told me he didn't want to attend the junior high, that he will be attending, because he heard that the kids swear a lot there. How sweet and innocent is that? I had to tell him that no matter where he goes to school, he will be hearing things he doesn't like. Now, how sad is that?

(check out Mr. GQ)

Although our household will be experiencing big changes in the near future, I do know that he will experience such wonderful things also. When he goes to his first formal dance, you can be sure that I will be there to take a million pictures. When he gets his driver's license, you can be sure that I will be having him run to the grocery story for milk. And you can be sure that the dashboard will have my finger indentations from the fear of being his passenger. When he graduates, you can be sure our family will be elated with what he has accomplished. And when he gets his mission call, you can be sure tears will be running down my cheeks. But they will be happy tears. And when he gets married to his eternal companion... well, let's just not go there yet. I'm barely able to handle him getting arm pit hair.

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  1. Ok...I laughed and I cried through this post! I am right there with ya, girl! I feel your pain and your happiness right now! I know what you are going through, only I have girl that's going through this. Oh MAN!!I mean WOMAN! Sheesh!! Fun times are coming fast!

  2. Poor you. Not only do you have a pre-teen, you also have a toddler still going through the terribles.
    I have heard that that the toddlers and the teens are alot alike. A lot of tantrums and wanting to do things all by themself. Not to mention the messes they create and don't clean up. But, hey at least you don't have to potty train Cody again right?

  3. I'm right there with you on this one. It makes me cry just thinking about it.

  4. Oh Jen! It's really terrible to think of our kids growing up! I do not envy your position and I'm not looking forward to being there at all!!! He's such a darling boy.

  5. When I think of boys' voices changing I think of Peter Brady. Can you get Cody to sing? I look forward to watching you go through this before I do. It'll be fun!

  6. Jennie! He totally sounds like Peter Brady! That is funny!

    There will be no singing. Yikes.

  7. He is so cute! I can't believe you have a kid going into Jr high!! Crazy! It is sad how they grow up so fast! Good luck with the arm pit hair, and other things!

  8. Um, armpit hair is extremely disturbing on a young lad. I noticed my 14 yr old stepson's freshly flocked pits while swimming last summer. *shudder*

  9. Awe how sweet!

    I can barely handle Jaimen getting arm pit hair, and he's 3! I am gonna be one freaking out momma when Jaimen is in Homey's shoes.


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