Monday, December 14, 2009

Giveaway! Christmas love

It's the season of given', friends! So there for, I must give!

I will be giving away this adorable gingerbread man/candy cane/cinnamon stick/Christmas-sy arrangement! Ain't it cute?

I handmade this yummy little guy and the candy canes!

I've also added this cute tag that I made.
Wouldn't this look cute in your kitchen?

I also put this Christmas-sy arrangement inside of an actual antique cheese box. I Y antique cheese boxes!

Check out the up-close cuteness!

You wanna know how you can win this awesome Christmas-sy arrangement?

All you need to do is answer this one question...

When you are sitting on the big, jolly guy's lap this year (I'm talking about Santa...not your husbands) and he asks you that one critical question,

"Have you been naughty or nice?"

How are you going to answer?

Naughty or nice?

Tell the truth! 'Cause you know he's always watching!

If you want to have TWO chances to win, all you have to do is spread the linky love. Link me on your own blogs or on Face book and I will enter your name twice, in the drawing!

You have until midnight on Wednesday (12/16/09) to enter and I will announce the winner, with the help of Homeboy, on Thursday morning!
(He's getting into the spirit of Christmas by hanging the stockings... and my brazier)

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  1. Ok, you really want the truth? The whole truth and nothing but the truth? :) ok I am going to say that I have been a little notty and a lot nice! Love the giveaway! It is sooo cute, and Conner loves me now so he is defenitly going to pick me right? :)

  2. um...naughty...enough said :) I want that arrangement little Conner so pick me!!

  3. Oh so cute! I have been mostly nice. Mostly.

    You're linked, too!

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Oh my gosh!!! The picture of him with your bra cracks me up!!! The truth . . . probably a little nice and a little naughty!!! No one is perfect, right!!! Jenny Neal

  5. The truth: I'm gonna say nice. I think I get all the extra credit points I want for being pregnant. If I've been naughty, it's only because of the hormones...I can't be held accountable for those. So there! I'm NICE! If you don't believe me, just ask me, I'll tell you again!

    And you are LINKED on my blog!

  6. Stoppit with that antique box, I LOVE it! I'm a huge fan of antique containers, I'm obsessed.

    Lessee, have I been naughty or nice? I would have to say I've been NICE with a naughty sprinkle here and there.

    NICE because I shoveled my neighbor's sidewalk the other morning after it had snowed 3 inches.

    NAUGHTY because I was upset that no one shoveled my sidewalk the other morning after it had snowed 3 inches.

  7. I have to say that I have been a little of both naughty and nice. It's really a toss-up with me. I LOVE your arrangement!! You are too cute and crafty and awesome. And no-I'm not just buttering you up ;)

  8. I'm pregnant AND I have Konner, need I say more? Of course I've been naughty, but I hope there is some nice in there somewhere and I'm not just a tired, hormonal crazy lady ALL the time.

    Consider yourself linked!

  9. Maybe half and half! No, I'm pretty nice. I think....let my kids answer that question. :)

  10. linked ya on FB!

  11. I CAN'T pass this one up, and of course I'm on Santa's Nice list this year, I've NEVER been on his naughty list. I know I've won your wonderful giveaways before, but I'm going to be stingy and not pass this one up, does that make me naughty? Your linked too :)! PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

  12. I get to claim the hormones from pregnancy too! All the naughty can be blamed on them this year! :) I take credit for all the nice all by myself.

    I'm linking you on my blog too! Love the giveaway!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! (and I'm talking about you & your boys ☺). You are too much!

    I would have to say that I am definately NICE!!! (Because all of my kids will testify that I am the nicest mother ever!!!)

    And I am going to link you to my blog too.

    Merry Christmas ♥

  14. Cute blog!
    I've been both to be honest. There was a lady in Dallas whose neck I wanted to ring...long story.
    And then there is good service work which I hope makes up for some naughty!
    I'll be back,

  15. There's no question for me, and it's definitely naughty (and not in ANY kind of good way!). So, I'd better win, 'cause this might be all I get this year! :)


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