Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Love Giveaway Winner!

Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement?
This lil punk can! Check out the "Gomer" hair-do. And yes, he is having a candy cane at breakfast time. I've decided to get a good jump start on the dentist bills.

Much to my surprise, Homeboy was obedient and only picked one name, this time! Makes me a proud momma!

Drum roll please.
And the winner is...
Laura Lynn!!!
Congratulations friend!
We're doing the happy dance here!
Just e-mail me your address and I will ship your Gingerbread man arrangement A.S.A.P.! (
And a ginormous "THANK YOU" to everyone else who stopped by my lil 'ol blog and commented. It makes my heart go "pitter pat"!
I just wish everyone could win!
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  1. No way! I never win anything...until now that is. Right on! I'll be e-mailing my address to you now.
    Thanks - I'll post my winning on my blog.

  2. Lucky Laura!!! I'm so jealous!!!

  3. Oh man! I missed that one! What a cute give Away :) Congrats Laura!


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