Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deckin' the halls...and the tree

I love Christmas trees! I love all of the styles, colors, shapes, and sizes! I use to love live Christmas trees. But then I became pregnant with my first born and my morning sickness hit it's peak, when me and my husband put up our first Christmas tree. My pregnancy sinuses were just not agreeing with the "fresh pine aroma". I'd get a whiff of pine and the gag reflexes would begin to dance. My throat is tightening right now, just thinking about it. Needless to say... the tree was taken down and now I have to plug my nose whenever I walk by a fresh cut Christmas tree. Sad, I know.

What I love the most about Christmas trees are the ornaments. Whether it's a NY Yankees themed tree, or a Disney themed tree, each tree is chalk full of memories and stories.

I love that my tree consists of an array of ornaments. From handmade gingerbread men, glittery ornaments, to the Dark Lord himself...Darth Vader. The other day I was showing Cody our very first ornament. When me and Steve were engaged, my parents gave me and Steve an ornament of the LDS Bountiful Temple (the temple that we were married at). Our second ornament is from our honeymoon. It's a moose couple, snowmobiling. This ornament is ALWAYS placed high on the tree, due to little hands that like to take off the ornaments, at least 5 times a day!

(click on the pic to partake of the beauty, up close!)

My husband thinks I'm nuts with how much, and how long it takes me to decorate our home for Christmas. But I love it! And, he'll live. He loves me.

When I was younger, there were several houses that I visited during the Christmas season, that made a strong impression on me. They were decked out in Christmas garb, from the ceilings to the floors! They made me happy! They were exciting! They were so inviting and I knew the homeowners loved their homes!

That has been my make my home inviting.

Another fav of Christmas are the homemade projects that I love to make! It's a sickness. I must craft during the Christmas season!

Some more Christmas eye candy!

Stop by tomorrow...because I'm going to be giving away one of my handmade Christmas crafts!

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  1. So cute Jen!!! How sad that you cannot have a real tree!!! But yours looks beautiful!

  2. I LOVE the jingle bell tie-back. And your tree is beautiful! Your house does feel like Christmas - and I'm not even there! Thanks for sharing.


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