Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Santa...

(the guilty culprit)

Dear Santa,

This letter is in regards to my youngest "fruit of my loins", Conner.

Quite frankly Santa, I was a little shocked that you still chose to award Homeboy with gifts galore on Christmas morning despite the fact that he was naughty this past week. Oh yeah! Naughty!

Let's face it Jolly Man... the cuteness just ain't cuttin' it anymore! Apparently Homeboy has decided that sleep is for morons. And I am one of those morons! Every day, at 4:30-ish in the morning, Homeboy wakes up crying and makes his way my bedroom. To MY side of the bed! What gives?!?!?! You know Conner, you do have another biological parent that is sound asleep on the OTHER side of my bed. Sheesh.

The Homeboy's naughty-nous seemed to hit it's peak on Christmas Eve. One would think that your actions and attitude should be especially good that day, but not Homeboy. Oh no!

Who needs sleep when you can help "Santa", at 12:30 am, put gifts under the tree? And then proceed to try to open all of the gifts and then follow those actions with a major fit when told "no". Let me tell ya... good times, people. He even continued his ritual of waking up at 4am that very same morning! You gotta be impressed with his stick-to-it-nous.

And can we not forget the flooding of the bathroom? The eating of almost an entire tube of kiddie toothpaste (fluoride free, people) and containers of lotion? Or how about his selfish ways? No matter who owns the item of his choice he claims it's, "MINE! GET OUT HERE! NO! MINE!"

Could you not see the "guilt" written on Homeboy's face, the week prior to Christmas?

(the obvious "guilt" on Conner's face. It was especially obvious when he refused to look at you, Santa!)

It's too late now, but I am just giving you a "heads-up" for the following year. Watch him! Watch him like a hawk!

I hope you had a wonderful and successful Christmas this year, Santa! And thank you for making sure the hubs still got me a Christmas gift, even though we agreed the new TV and blue-ray disc player, for our bedroom, would be our Christmas gift. I would have been a little miffed, if I didn't have anything to open on Christmas morning. (I know, I'm a little selfish it must run in the family).

Thank you for time and attention in this matter and I am looking forward to next year's Christmas' gift out-come. Happy vacation, Santa! Take care.



Mother to Homeboy, Homey, and wife to Hubbin of Lovin'

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  1. You crack me up! This is Jaimen to a T. I can't believe how much they are alike. Jaimen is 3 1/2 years old and wakes up at least once a night, most nights its at least three times! And what is with the deal of them coming to our side of the bed... go see your dad. I held you in my belly for 9 months, then I got up with you a number of times for months and months.... its his turn, go wake him up 3 times a night! haha
    Jaimen was naughty right before Santa arrived too. Glad you had a good Christmas!


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