Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bring on the Christmas

I'm doing a happy dance, people! And the reason why I'm dancing a lil gig is that the RS Christmas Party is DONE! Everything was wonderful... except for the odd silence that followed when I tried to "que" our Santa to come in. I hadn't really prepared for it, and I flopped. But oh well! It's DONE!

I've been a little preoccupied with all of the party prep so I've been a "bad blogger".

Bad blogger! Bad blogger! (slapping the top of my own hand)

And now I am ready for Christmas to begin! Bring it on, man!

Bring on the decorating! Bring on the neighbor gifts! Bring on the craft projects! Bring on the gift purchasing! Bring on me trying to protect and defend our Christmas tree from our wild 2 year old!

I'm ready.
Did I happen to mention that the RS Christmas Party is DONE?

(pics of the RS Christmas Party to follow soon)
* I don't know what the crap is going on with the middle of this post. I've tried to fix it, but it just aint workin'! Blame Blogger.


  1. The Brunch was wonderful! thanks for all your hard work and the work of your board. It was a super wonderful morning!

  2. All of you did such a great job! I am so glad I was able to come it was nice to get out of the house for a little bit too! I loved all the food and the tables all looked awesome!

  3. SO happy for you, Jen!! Relax and enjoy the holidays! You're AWESOME!! :)

  4. Lucky! I'm helping with our Ward Christmas Party which I've told feeds around 500 people. Yeah. What the.

    Bring on the Christmas goods! Merry Merries!

  5. So glad to have you back. Man. Why oh why did we have to move?? Oh... so you could have Holly...which was totally worth it. But I miss out of the funnest stuff in your Ward! So glad it turned out great!


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