Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Relief Society Christmas Brunch

This year for the RS Christmas Party we had a brunch instead of dinner. The main reasons why we decided to have a brunch instead of a dinner:
  • We would get the party over with, earlier in the day
  • I was craving breakfast at the time
  • Doing a dinner party involves more work. I didn't feel like working hard

We also decided to let the ladies participate in the decorating. We asked for volunteers to "host" a table. This included decorating the table, and providing the dishes/silverware. Paper goods were available. Just in case we couldn't be trusted with their dinnerware (ahem). The reasons why we had the ladies participate in the decorating for the party:

  • less work for us
  • guaranteed attendance from at least 8 ladies
  • and last but not least, the abundant creativity flowing from the lovely ladies in our ward. They did not disappoint!

(click to enlarge the spectacular table scapes!)

See? What did I tell ya? Talent, my friends. Talent.
Check out all of the little details! And, hello! Those goblets are to die for!
I also "hosted" a table. You know, 'cause I have nothing better to do.
My table is on the bottom left. On the extremely wrinkled table cloth (nice). I made the little votives by printing black and white images on vellum then taping them around the outside of the glass votive with double stick tape. Then I placed one of those battery operated votive candles inside.
Check out the marshmallow wreath! Are you kidding me?!?!?!
Again with the talent!
I also made the snowball topiary. Martha is the inspiration for this little craft. You paint glue (I started with a Tacky craft glue, but that was a pain in the rear. I ended up using Elmer's glue in the end) all over the Styrofoam balls then sprinkling glitter all over the balls. I stuck the balls on toothpicks to hold the balls then stuck it in some floral foam to dry overnight.
After gluing all of the rings together with a hot glue gun, I made a cone out of vellum and placed it inside of the topiary. Then I placed a battery operated tap light under the vellum cone and turned it on.
Soooo pretty!
At then end of the brunch, we had Santa come and give all of the ladies a gift.
The gifts included, a snowflake ornament (the theme of decor was "Winter Wonderland") and a Christmas Advent book.
Each day, there is a scripture to read, a carol to sing, and either a short story to read or an activity to do. I included Christmas traditions that some of the families have in our ward and there are even recipes!
(Again...I have nothing else better to do with my time. But they did turn out to be so cute!)
I'm so happy with the way this party turned out! And I am so thankful for everyone that participated to help make it a success!
And I must report... not one dish was broken or damaged during the party :)
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  1. The tables were awesome!!!!! I loved them everyone did an awesome job!!! The food was so good too! I love breakfast casserols!!


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