Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Homey and Homeboy carved a pumpkin for our town's "Pumpkin Walk". Homeboy thought the pumpkin guts were the bee's knees and giggled hysterically about them.
I don't know about that kid.

Homey had no plans to dress up for Halloween this year. Since he turned 12, he is now too cool for school and thought Halloween is childish. This coming from the kid who use to be OBSESSED about Halloween. The gorier, the better.

Then he was invited to a friend's Halloween party... and oh how his attitude changed! This year he dressed up as this black demon, faceless, thing.

He didn't fool or scare Homeboy, one bit.

I decided Homeboy would be a sea turtle this year. That is one privilege I take to heart... not letting my children, (when they are too young to know better) have a choice of what to be for Halloween.

And let me tell ya, he was lovin' his costume. Not!

Once he began trick or treating, he soon forgot how annoying the turtle shell was.

All though a little slow, he gets the job done.
Good one.
The only reason why Homeboy was a "Sea" turtle was I thought I could force him to stay in his stroller all night and made a cover for it. It's awesome. It looks like the ocean! (click on image for a close up of the awesome stroller cover that I made. I know, it's a bad picture).
The stroller cover turned out to be a big fat waist. I'm so glad Homeboy enjoyed pushing his stroller, instead of letting his parents push him around while trick or treating.
After a while our sea turtle hitched a ride with his cousin in her "nest" and we let Aunt Kate lug Homeboy from house to house. It was kinda nice and very therapeutic for Kate's biceps.
It was a fun and relaxed Halloween, despite my concern of possibly contracting the stupid H1N1 flu from some Twix candy bar, that I stole from Homeboy's trick or treat bag. I'm thinking that maybe I should've given mini hand sanitizers to the trick or treaters, instead of chocolate.
I hope everyone's Halloween was fun, safe, and loaded with good candybars!
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  1. I loved being able to choose my kids Halloween costumes! Cole still has no idea what's going on, but Cache is quickly discovering that he has an opinion. Hence the 'Pop Tart' idea. I think your stroller cover is SO cute! Maybe the little dude should be a Merman next year so you can use it again...

    Happy Halloween!

  2. I saw the stroller at the church and immediatly knew it was yours!! Although I didn't see Conner. Hmm. He looks cute though!

  3. Great pictures, Jen! I loved the stroller idea, even though I witnessed the escapee worming he way out. Love the costume too! You amaze me with your crafty talent!

  4. How cute is that costume! And the stroller cover is awesome!!! Conner is so cute! Glad you guys had a great Halloween!!

  5. I absolutely loved his costume! He looked so stinkin cute with the matching stroller even if he didn't use it. My Konner decided he didn't want to get out of the wagon anymore after a couple houses and just pulled suckers out and ate them.

  6. Cute Costumes! Mini hand sanitizer, that's classic, you should have! Parents would have been lining up at your door.

  7. Cute costume! I didn't even take picture this year. Pathetic, I know.

  8. I love the costume and stroller cover that you made for Conner! You are so cute!


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