Thursday, November 5, 2009

Help me! (whimpering)

I'm fully aware that I voice my daily struggles with Homeboy. But I just gotta tell ya... his lil shenanigans shock me each and everyday!

My friends often tell me two things:

1. "But he's sooooo cuuuuute!"

(yeah, I know.)

2. "Someday you will look back and laugh about this!"

(when? when, I ask!?!?!)

I've come to discover that there is a pattern with Homeboy's destructive behavior. Every other day, his calamitous behavior peaks.

Yesterday he hosed me down with the garden hose, as I was cleaning out the garage. Yup. In the face. Soaking wet. Twice.

(it took me a while to learn to turn off the water)

One half hour later, he emptied all of the toothpicks into my purse, on to the counter top, on the stove (even inside of the burners), and all over the floor.

He then decided to add alot of salt, pepper, and paprika. Although, most of the paprika ended up on his face and mouth.

And to tell you the truth, the salt and pepper thing happens at least once a week. Sometimes two. We're pretty use to it, around here.

After taking Homeboy off of the counter, I told him that he needed a bath. He had a layer of dirt, mud, and paprika all over him.

Well, he decided to start without me monitoring him.

(see that red splotch on the left side of his mouth? that would be paprika. yum.)

There was water EVERYWHERE! At least an inch on the floor! The rug was soaked! The drawers were filled with water! (see the toothbrush floating!) Three toilet paper rolls were destroyed!

All I could do was laugh. And take pictures to use as blackmail when he begins dating.

"Naughty Conner!"

Okay, he is cute.
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  1. In all seriousness, Jen, I suggest heavy medication. Chocolate and a cold caffeinated beverage! At least!!!

    Someday we will all experience joy in our posterity! Someday.

  2. I seriously cannot believe that! I am calling you right now to see if you want to bring him over for awhile! you need..... Deserve a break!!!!

  3. p.s. he is stinkin cute!!!

  4. Are we living the same life?? I mistakenly took my boys' laughter as them playing nicely together, perhaps frolicking in the leaves outside in the warm sun. They come inside for snacks and I hear Cache say, "Cole, your hair is all wet!" This alarms me. "Why is Cole's hair wet? Did you guys get in the hot tub?? You're not supposed to do that without me!" I yell this as I'm running up the stairs only to find the cover on the hot tub in place. Hmm...I am looking around on the deck...and a strange odor begins to sting my nose. And then I see it - a can of RAID. RAID!! My older son Cache had been spraying his little brother with INSECT POISON!! I rushed him into the tub where the water proceeded to just bead up on his skin since he was SOAKED with this crap. Dude...what?? I won't even go into the oil slick on the top of the water...gross.

  5. Oh Jennifer! Somwhere - SOMEWHERE, blessings come from all of this!!! Isn't it amazing how naughty a Stinkin cute midget can be when your back is turned for more than one minute!!! Perhaps your blessing can be that now you can use the phrase "since the flood..." with all authority.

  6. Wow! I don't know what to even say!!! I'm so sorry!!! That is funny though-I don't care who you are!!

  7. Ok Jen I just thought of something. You need to make a book of "Connorisms" then when he starts dating use your blackmail idea but only on the girls you don't care for and say "do you want one of these someday" then hide the book on the girls you would rather have as daughter in law material! I'm starting to think they might just run after pg. 5 or 6, but he is so stinkin cute! I love your stories they make me laugh. Seriously you should bring him over to play sometime.

  8. Ok, I am so sorry, I just laughed! What can you do, huh? You've got some wild stories to tell his girlfriends and they going to love it! He's got some personality,also to add he's cute, LOL!! ;)
    Take Jennie's advice, Dr. Pepper, chocolate and just keep snapping those pictures for your blackmail folder, hee hee :)

  9. How do you get anything done? That little turd! Cute little turd, but still a turd! My house is crazy, but not like that. Good luck!

  10. Jennifer! I would be totally exhausted after a day of that! I think it's a good thing that they are so cute at this age - it literally saves their lives. Hang in there!!! I wish I had some great advice to give, but I just don't.

  11. Yes he is sooooo cute! But yes he is also destructive... like my Jaimen :)

  12. Wow! I'm with jennie! Major chocolate and caffeine! Hey, I did finally put you on my readers list! Sorry it took me so long!


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