Friday, October 30, 2009

OCD Tendencies

There are times in a gal's life when she must shake things up a little bit. Move with the groove. Get. Down. Baby.

Instead of blogging about my OCD calendar on a regular basis, I've decided to just blog about cleaning tips and tricks and organization ideas.

I know what you are thinking... you are thinking, "What an awesome idea Jen!"

And my response is... "I know!"

I mean, was my OCD calendar really that interesting? Does anyone really care when I clean the lint and Lego's that have become lodged between the wall and dryer? Ummmmm, I think not.

This time of year is when I begin to repeat things. This time of year is when I begin to repeat things. This time of year is when I begin to repeat things.

(sorry. that was lame)
This is the time when I begin to clean behind all of the appliances again, and I begin to wash walls. Just repeating my freaky, OCD process. It's all good.

I just had my carpets professionally cleaned again and my inner soul is rejoicing. Rejoicing, I tell ya!!! I despise and loathe stained and dirty carpet! It is the onions on my hamburger. (I despise onions)

Some people and professionals will tell you that having your carpets cleaned 2 times or more, a year will wear down the carpet fibers. That it's just not a good idea. Well, in my "professional" opinion... I think it's worse to not have them deep cleaned on a regular basis. You can't tell me that, between the dirt, rocks, sand, mud, fungus (among us. aaahahahaha) and the three boys that I live with (that have cooties, you know), don't do more damage to my carpet fibers than having them cleaned. I. Think. Not.

It's like your hair. Not washing it, is bad. Nasty. Janet Jackson, NASTY!

It can be pricey, but I'm hoping to the proud owner of one of these, someday.

Hello, luva!

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  1. I just want to rip my carpets out! They are just gross! Nice looking Vacuum! Those would be nice to have :)


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