Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That's your kid

There comes a time in almost every parent's, parenting career's, that the behaviors of their children must be questioned.

Such displayed behaviors can often lead the parent or parents, to think that such nonsense could not possibly come from them!

"That aint my kid!"

Whether it's the picking of the noses and then wiping the "nose innards" on the wall next to their beds, left only to then petrify and scratch the mother's arm while cleaning, or a popular phrase from a movie repeated over and over...

"When you are man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It is for fun."

It's these moments, when being played out, that each parent tries to put the blame on one another.

I, for one, have never walked around with a brazier on my head.

Now then, my husband on the other hand... (I kid! I kid!)

I, for one, never pull my pants down to scratch.

I scratch on the outside.

"Who's kid is this?!

...drinking the muddy water that has pooled on top of the jungle gym thingy?"

Most definitely, not mine!

Yeah sure, in my early years I was known to pick up a total stranger's chewed up gum off of the ground, pick the rocks out of the wad of gum, then place it inside of my very own mouth, a time or two. But I was a deprived child!

This kid watches TV like this, all of the time. I believe it comes from a recessive gene...on his father's side.

Check out that weird kid!

I can only claim one of these creeps. But such odd behavior tends to attract fellow beings, that act in a similar manner.

I know it's happened to other parents. And I know if it hasn't happened yet, it is bound to happen.
"It" being the peculiar and silly mannerisms portrayed from the parent's "fruit of their loins", that will inevitably result in the parent's to look at each other and say...
"That's your kid!"


  1. You are hilarious! How do you come up with all of these posts? LOVE them! I think, I mean I KNOW I have had some of these moments myself!

  2. LOL...I LOVE reading your posts!

  3. You crack me up, Girl!! I LOVE it!!

  4. My goodness, it's SO true. No one told me that my second son would be completely different than my first one. Cole is his own...oddity. I swear there are times that I question if he's mine! Crazy kids...

    Stretchy pants...ees for fun. You're hilarious!

  5. Oh that picture of Conner scratching his bum is PRICELESS! This was so funny to read. I especially love the pic of him watching TV. Kids are hilarious.

  6. Jen, this was so funny to read! I was sitting here laughing and Trent was looking at me funny, but I just kept laughing! Good times!

  7. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Jenny Neal: My b-day is May 9th. You are so funny, I think you need to write a book, seriously!!!


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